Jewelry Designer Donnys Diamond Gallery Huntsville AL 35801

Donnys Diamond Gallery
2500 Memorial Parkway SW
Huntsville, Alabama, 35801

Ph (256) 534-2255

In the Huntsville area, you should look no further for a designer jeweler than Donnys Diamond Gallery. We have spent the last decade specializing in unique engagement ring, wedding bands or a piece of jewelry for someone special. Our master goldsmiths have the knowledge and experience to create jewelry that will meet your exquisite taste.

There is no better way to demonstrate your affections than personalized jewelry created by one of our custom jewelers.  Today should be the day you start creating a piece of jewelry as unique as your feelings.

Here at Donnys Diamond Gallery, our master jewelers can make beautiful handmade jewelry and set amazing rare gemstones or even luminous diamonds from our outstanding collection of stones. We can even use your stones if you possess some never worn or damaged jewelry. Our professional jewelers will help you create stunning jewelry that will make you the envy of town.

Donnys Diamond Gallery prides itself on our tradition of having the finest retail jewelers in the state. We also have our master jewelers complete the repair work instead of sending it out. We do this to guarantee you will have the most capable jewelers working on your jeweler possible.

Stop in today to see how a custom jeweler will change the way you look at jewelry.

Jewelry Designer Sites Jewelers Clarksville Tennessee

Sites Jewelers
2605 Wilma Rudolph Blvd
Clarksville TN 37040

Ph (931) 552-1112                    

When looking for a master jeweler, go no further than Sites Jewelers. We are the Middle Tennessee location for jewelry designers.

We combine our traditional jewelry experience with the latest technology, providing for you a staff of master jewelers able to assist any jewelry need. Our store is not limited to custom work, for we have an impressive collection of jewelry to choose. Our professional jewelers can help you find what you have dreamed.

Gem Care and Handling
We buy the jewelry that we have at home because of its beauty, and despite their seeming durability, your jewelry does need some care. Below are some general guidelines our jewelers have assembled to keep your jewelry beautiful for generations.

Keep your jewelry clean. Deposits will form on your jewelry, and over time, these deposits will cause damage. Use warm water and gentle soap to soak your jewelry. If needed, use a soft bristled toothbrush to clean behind your stones. Simply rinse with warm water and pat dry with a soft lint free cloth.

All gemstones are vulnerable to breaking, yes even your diamonds. One simple method to avoid breaking or chipping your stone is to remove your jewelry before any strenuous activity; this even includes doing house or yard work.

Many of your softer gemstones cannot withstand an ultrasonic cleaner. Diamond, sapphires and rubies will be fine, but other gems will incur damage before you can remove them from the cleaner. Also, harder stones like diamonds, rubies and sapphires can be cleaned with ammonia to remove the film from the stone.

One point to always remember is that opaque gemstones like lapis lazuli, turquoise and malachite will require extra care. These are stones that should avoid ultrasonic cleaners as well as chemical solutions like ammonia. They can even absorb soap, so wash with care. These stones are rocks not crystals as the case of a diamond. So remember that rocks will absorb water throughout; whereas, a single crystal gem, like a sapphire, will not absorb any moisture.

Opals are like opaque gemstones, and should never be cleaned with an ultrasonic, chemicals and must avoid heat and strong light.

With all organic gems like pearls, coral and amber, you should only use a clean cloth to wipe off any dirt. These gems are very porous and can absorb such simple chemicals as hairspray, cosmetics or even perfume.

When you remove jewelry, make sure you separate your pieces in storage. Harder stones will scratch softer gems as well as gold and platinum.

Use these simple steps and see what our professional jewelers offer today! Visit Sites Jewelers situated on 2605 Wilma Rudolph Blvd, Clarksville TN 37040.

Diamond Store Satow Goldsmiths 89052

Satow Goldsmiths
10740 S. Eastern Ave, Suite 110
Henderson, NV 89052

Looking for a local jewelry store to end the doldrum litany of retail jewelers? Your search will end once you go to the premier jewelry store in the Las Vegas area, Satow Goldsmiths.

We are a leading local jewelry store due to our attention to your needs. Whether it is our collection of stellar jewelry or you are looking for a diamond store to create an expression of your love, we are your destination. Our jewelers combine Old World technique with New World technology, giving you a retail jewelry store above the rest.

When not to wear your jewelry:
Because of the sentimental symbolism jewelry possesses, most people do not take their jewelry off. This is one way that jewelry becomes damaged. Knowing when to remove your jewelry can be the greatest asset in extending the beauty of your jewelry.  Sometimes it is beneficial to remove your jewelry includes:

Gardening: This is one of the easiest activities to chip or lose precious stones, not to mention scratch gold or platinum as well. Even though platinum is twice as strong as gold, both can scratch far easier than any stones.

Household cleaning: Household cleaners are extreme harsh on your jewelry. The chemical included can damage or discolor precious gems and even metal. Not to mention the act of cleaning, rubbing your hands over surfaces, will be abrasive to your jewelry. Gold can even be scratch by only dust.

Swimming: Chlorine is one chemical that will definitely damage your jewelry. It will pit and discolor gold as well as remove the shine from precious gems. Chlorine weakens settings, causing your gems to loosen which increases the risk of losing your stones.

Sleeping: As stated above, dust can be an abrasive to jewelry, and your jewelry will come into contact with dust while you sleep. Your sheets will also act as a fine abrasive, which over time will damage your jewelry. If you must sleep with your jewelry, remember to turn your stones to the inside of your hands to lessen the harm.

In addition to activities, there are some steps in storing your jewelry as well. Avoid extreme temperatures. Do not keep your jewelry in sunlight, near a heating vent or in your car. Keep your jewelry stored separately because diamonds can scratch every piece of jewelry you own.

So keep these in mind while you attempt a common activity. Your jewelry will thank you, and your jewelry will last for generations.

Cleaning your jewelry:
Cleaning jewelry is simple. Use mild soap and warm water. Soak your jewelry for three or four minutes and then rinse (with the drain still closed). Pat dry with a lint free cloth or paper towel. Do this often to avoid expensive cleanings at your local jewelry store.

Over the years, many people have some home remedies to clean jewelry, but most of these are extremely harmful to your jewelry. These include:

  • Toothpaste—One of the most common damaging home remedies around. Toothpaste is an abrasive, which will scratch your gold and soft gemstones. Never use toothpaste to clean your jewelry.
  • Boiling Water—This can destroy your jewelry. Dropping your jewelry in boiling water will crack and discolor gemstones, even diamonds.
  • Ammonia—This method can only be used on unfilled hard stones like diamonds, rubies and sapphires. It will damage other gemstones.
  • Professional polishing solutions—These are much like toothpaste, an abrasive. Some will make your jewelry shine, but they will wear down and scratch your jewelry.

So clean your jewelry often to keep its sparkle and shine, but avoid these common household mistakes. Diamonds should definitely be cleaned often because they attract grease, which will make them look oily.

Come see the Satow Goldsmith difference where passion and precision guide our retail jewelry store today!

Jewelry Designer Pearce Jewelers 03784

Pearce Jewelers
41 Glen Road
West Lebanon NH 03784

Ph 603-298-8833

Pearce Jewelers understands jewelry. Our master jewelers have the experience and knowledge to assist you with all your jewelry needs.

Come by to see the difference a goldsmith can make in a store. We have extensive lines of jewelry for your perusal as well as the experience to create your dreams. Fred and Kate Pearce have realized their dream of having a local jeweler, who could make designer custom jeweler but also help you breathe life into your dreams. They have succeeded in their dream and have kept it going for the last forty years.

Our custom jewelers can assist you in creating designer jewelry. We can help you made additions to an existing piece; additionally, we can help you create a piece from a drawing or picture. Creating your own unique jewelry is a stressful endeavor, but our professional jewelers can help ease you through the process.

Our retail jewelers have assembled these easy to follow steps to help you protect your jewelry:

  • Avoid scratches, sharp blows, harsh chemicals, extreme temperatures and sunlight
  • Take off your for household tasks such as gardening and cleaning
  • Store your jewelry separately
  • Put your jewelry on after applying makeup/hair spray and washing
  • Never swim with your jewelry on. Chlorine can damage gemstones and gold
  • Avoid storing your jewelry next to a heat source, window sill or car dashboard
  • Never keep your jewelry in direct sunlight
  • Do not store pearls in a plastic bag
  • Keep beaded necklaces flat in storage to keep the silk from stretching
  • When storing jewelry remember:
    • Diamonds can scratch anything in your jewelry box
    • Gold, silver and platinum are easily scratched
  • Store silver in a plastic bag to lessen the tarnish
  • Polish sterling silver with a soft cloth or a Sunshine Cloth
  • Keep your mounted stones. If loose, you need to have it checkout by a professional jeweler.

Do not delay and come in to see the difference a certified master jeweler can make when shopping at Pearce Jewelers today!

Diamond Store Jewelers of Maitland 32751 Maitland FL

Jewelers of Maitland
500 East Horatio Avenue #1
Maitland, FL 32751

Ph (407) 628-0615

Serving Maitland, Apopka, and Orlando Florida

Looking for a jeweler store you can trust? Look no further than Jewelers of Maitland your one stop destination. No matter your needs, we can help you with everything from massive collection of certified diamonds, pearls and rare gemstones to custom making jewelry. Stop by to see why we are a trusted local jewelry store today!

How to Shop for Quality

Jewelry like everything is not created equal. On the high end, you will have a work of art; one that will last a lifetime and will become a family heirloom. On the other hand, lesser quality knock offs will have less intrinsic value. These pieces can cost you more money when it becomes damaged by losing a stone or from being lost in your jewelry box. One aspect that separates us from other jewelry stores is our desire for you to end up with a great piece of jewelry.

Step 1 Consider the craftwork. The quality of the work going into a piece will have a large impact on the overall value of the piece. Some signs will include

  • well matched gemstones (size, shape, appearance and quality)
  • secure settings, uniform precious metal without any damage (scratches, pitting or other imperfections)
  • strong looking prongs
  • clasps work easily
  • a safety catch for added security

Step 2 Look for quality marks and trademarks. Make sure the jewelry you buy has a quality mark indicating the amount of gold in your jewelry, such as 18k or Plat/Pt (for platinum content. Sterling Silver will be 92.5 percent silver, so you will have a mark of 925. These markings will help you know you have what you purchased.

Step 3 Get a grading report. Make sure you have the primary value of the diamond. Be certain that you leave with an independent, third party diamond laboratory such as GIA or AGS. This will give you an unbiased assessment of your diamond(s).

Step 4 Only purchase from a reputable jewelers. Buying jewelry from someone you trust will help to guarantee you have what you think you should have.

See how the Jewelers of Maitland understands the difference you require when shopping for the perfect piece of jewelry. We are a retail store that knows the importance of good customer service.