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Grimball Jewelers is the premier destination when looking for a professional jeweler. Stop in to see how one of our master jewelers can help you create the piece of your dreams.

When searching for designer jewelry, you should look no further than our goldsmiths. Grimball Jewelers can assist in you with any of your needs. Whether it is appraisals, custom work or even repairs, we can help you. Our helpful staff has the expertise to support your every need. No matter if you are looking for an engagement ring or a beautiful South Sea Pearl necklace, we should be your first destination. We have continued the same business practices that won us the Small Business of the Year by the Chapel Hill Carrboro Chamber of Commerce in 2002 and Best Jewelry Store by readers of the Chapel Hill News in 2005. Come by today and see what a jeweler designer can do for you!

One reason our master jewelers are held in such esteem is their attention to preventative care. We understand that when one has something of value they will take better care of it. The simple steps of Jewelry Care our professional jewelers have put together will help you extend the life of your jewelry.

You have the jewelry that you think is beautiful and some of the easiest ways to continue that beauty is through preventative care. The best care is one that is simple: be careful. This will keep your jewelry sparkling and shinning into the future. Accidents do occur, but being careful helps to deter these issues. Some extremely soft or fragile jewelry may need extra care.

Keep in mind that the harder the rating on the Mohs scale of hardness indicates the durability the stone generally has. At the same time, a stone with a high or distinctive cleavage is prone to be fragile and could break or cleave if struck. Hardness in this case will not equate into toughness. Therefore, a tough gem might be easily scratched whereas a hard stone might break. Remember these points when storing your jewelry.

Metals are similar. The purer the silver or gold the easier it is to damage. You should also consider the combination of metals in the setting with or without gems. In many cases, what works to clean metals, like silver, do not work on certain stones. Moreover, always consider the entire piece of jewelry not just the metal or gems.

Therefore, you must store you jewelry in a way to help extend the life of the piece. Damage could happen at any point, but storing soft metals with hard metals will end with the softer metal scratching.

Have today be the day to see how a master jeweler can help with all your jewelry needs at Grimball Jewelers today!

Wedding Bands Grant Custom Jewelers Sedona Arizona

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Grant Custom Jewelers is your Wedding Jewelry destination. We understand how exciting but stressful searching for the perfect ring can be, so come to a retail store you can trust. We have extensive collections of Diamond Engagement Rings, Wedding Bands as well as Anniversary Rings for you to see today!

Come in today to search for your ideal engagement ring. We have an amazing selection of platinum and gold jewelry, and we can even help you custom make a piece to express your love. Grant Custom Jewelers will help you search for the perfect ring because we understand that an engagement ring is a manifestation of your love.

Engagement Ring Overview
An engagement ring is a declaration of love that has no comparison. We, here at Grant Custom Jewelers, will guide you through our extensive engagement collections in a stress free environment.

The Tradition
Engagement rings signify the person wearing it is in love. This tradition extends back thousands of years to ancient Egyptians, who starting wearing it on the fourth finger, making it the ring finger, because it was thought that finger has a vein that flows directly to the heart. This tradition fused with the Romans belief of forging the engagement ring out of steal to represent strength of the relationship and the eternal bond that will begin.

Currently, engagement rings represent much of the traditional symbolism: love, commitment and an approaching wedding. Women primarily wear them, but in many places men will wear an understated version of a female ring. No matter who wears the engagement ring, its presences symbolizes the eternal love of that couple.

Diamond: The Official Gemstone For Engagement Rings
Diamonds are the strongest gemstone, and from such a solid foundation, engagement rings are created. The purity a diamond suggests connects it seamlessly with the pure love of newly engaged couple. The diamond will stand against all time much like the undying love of a couple and shine its translucent sparkle like a beacon during stormy weather. A diamond symbolizes what an engagement ring should be.

When beginning your diamond engagement ring search, always remember the 4 Cs of diamond rating to help increase your purchasing power. Diamonds are graded by color, clarity, cut and carat; these four Cs will help to calculate the price of diamond. Knowing these will help you to compare diamonds as well as to purchase a diamond with the quality you desire.

Drop in to see your end all diamond engagement store today!

Jewelry Designer The Gem Collection Tallahassee FL 32309

The Gem Collection
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The Gem Collection has the premier master jewelers in Florida. Stop in today to see our massive collection of certified diamonds, which includes the Hearts on Fire perfect cut diamonds. We travel the entire world search for the most beautiful selection of diamonds for you. Come by to see that our selection does not end with diamonds because we have an extensive selection of platinum and gold jewelry, natural color gemstones as well as South Sea cultured pearls for your perusal. Our master jewelers have the skill and knowledge to give you what you truly desire.

We use our thirty years of experience to help you with all your jewelry needs: buying, appraising, trend spotting, custom designing, and client budgeting to assist you in finding what you desire. Our veteran retail jewelers can help you find what your dream.

If you see value in your jewelry, then it is valuable enough for you to take good care of it. Our master jewelers have a jewelry care plan that can change the way you store and clean your jewelry.

When buying jewelry, you select it because of its beauty. Whether it is the gleam of the metal or the sparklingly diamond, something appealed your impeccable taste. The main causes of the wear and tear that fades the beauty of jewelry (scratches, gouges and dulled gems) occurs from the storage of your jewelry. Accidents do happen, but you can take some steps to avoid much of the damage your jewelry will receive.

Many times, taking the time to be careful is the greatest care most jewelry needs. Some jewelry, though, will require special care due to fragile stones and soft materials.

Another factor to keep in mind is the Mohs scale of hardness for gemstones. A higher rank stone is harder and can scratch another stone. However, even highly ranked stones with distinct cleavage is at risk of fracturing. Therefore, hardness is not the same as toughness. A tough gem might not be at risk of breaking or shattering, but can scratch easily. Remembering about the hardness is the first step in preserving your jewelry.

Metals are similar to the previous discussion on stones. The purer the silver or gold, the more easily it can be damaged. Remember your combination of Metals have similar characteristic. The purer the silver and gold, the more easily it can be damaged. Also, you must consider the combination of metal in settings with gem or gems. What may be perfectly good to clean a metal, such as sterling silver, may not be the best for the gems. You have to consider the jewelry as a whole, not as simply metal or gems.

These point are tied in with the third point: the care you take with your jewelry to protect it from loss, both when you are wearing it and when you put it away for safekeeping. All the care in cleaning and storing will not matter if you lose the jewelry. The care you should take in this sense involves the precautions you would take to make sure you do not lose something you like and enjoy. That common sense, and it is common sense whether or not the jewelry is insured, and whether or not it is valuable. The precautions you should take with any jewelry that you like and that means anything to you, in fact, are simple common sense.

Come in today to see why we are the diamond store. Your search will end when you look through our insurmountable collection. No matter your jewelry needs, we have it here at your local retail jeweler. Here at the Gem Collection we not only want to assist you with your shopping, but we want your jewelry to last generations.

Our staffs unsurpassed expertise will fulfill any of your needs. That is why Gem Collection is leading local jewelry store.

Gold Jewelry Store Fremeau Jewelers 05401

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In Vermont, there is only one place to find designer jewelry, Fremeau Jewelers. We have proudly served our customers for over the last 100 years. Stop in to find the fine jewelry you have been looking for today! 

The ring costs what?
When searching for fine jewelry rings, price is always a mystery. It seems many times that it is just given a price without any reason. However, here is how a ring is priced. In a non diamond band, the price is a combination of the total weight and the labor/materials that went into the ring. With these diamonds, it usually comes down to the price of gold, so the higher the karat the more expensive the ring is. The price is also determined by the amount of work in the design. If it is a complicated design, then the more crafting will go in, therefore more expensive. A diamond band will use the former method, adding in the price of the diamond. Come in today to see our competitive prices for our gold rings.

 We offer our customers a quality fine diamond jewelry shopping experience. We can implement your own gemstones and diamonds in a new piece of jewelry to modernize an outdated and unworn piece in the back of your jewelry box. We also have an exceptional collection of gemstones and diamonds from our connections with some of the best stone cutters in the world. You can add stones to your existing collection for jewelry with the wow factor. Our goldsmith can work with gold, platinum or even silver to great fine diamond jewelry you will wear with pride. 

See how over a 100 years experience will affect your designer jewelry shopping experience now. We will let you peruse our massive collection of gold and platinum jewelry. We feel your shopping experience will end there, though. We not only are your destination for that perfect gift, but we offer many different services to enrich your Fremeau experience.

Diamond Rings Eisen Fine Jewelry El Paso TX 79912

Eisen Fine Jewelry
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When looking for a diamond, look no further than Susan Eisen Fine Jewelry and watches. There is a reason in the last three decades we have morphed from a small one person jewelry and art gallery into one of the leading Custom design Jewelers in the industry. That reason is Susan Eisen; her awards are many including Woman Retail of the Year from the Womens Jewelry Association, top 31 jewelers named, Americas Best Jewelers, by National Jeweler Magazine, and Best of the Best Jeweler in El Paso for multiple years. Drop in to see why Susan Eisen Fine Jewelry and Watches is your one stop diamond location today. 

Diamond Jewelry brings thoughts of radiant fire, refracting the rainbow in your eye. This sparkle is why people throughout history have used diamonds to represent the specific moments of their lives. We love the dazzling beauty of a diamond ring

The Four Cs

Most people have some basic knowledge of the primary characteristics of loose diamonds: Carat weight, Color, Clarity and Cut. We can all thank De Beers, the South African company that controls the worlds diamond supply, for promoting these aspect for the last sixty years. 

Not only do these characteristics illustrate quality, the Four Cs establish worth. The bigger the loose diamond is, and better color, clarity as well as cut, the greater the value. 

Carat – is the measurement of a diamond’s weight. A carat is 200 milligrams. Carats are also divided into points. One carat will equal 100 points. Therefore, a half carat might be referred to as a 50-point stone. Larger diamonds are rare and more valuable, so a 1-carat diamond is worth more than two ½-carat diamonds.

Clarity Inclusions” occur naturally in diamonds. They can be in different shapes and forms. The number and location of such inclusions judge the clarity of a diamond.   When grading for clarity, the grader uses magnification and special lighting to evaluate the size, location, number, and color of all inclusions and blemishes.  Though inclusions and blemishes will seldom affect a stone’s beauty, they do affect its price.

Color – Diamonds are judged by their color. Diamonds can be any color, yet most have a white tint. Colorless diamonds are rare, and thus more valuable. However, depending on the mount, you may what a cooler or warmer tint to match your metal. Thus, color quality is critical to both beauty and value.

Cut – The cut, also known as the make, is the single aspect that we can manipulate. It affects the value of the diamond the most. The sparkle you see in a diamond derives from the cut because the cut makes the facets on the surface. These windows allow the light in the diamond refracting it within and reflecting it off the surface. This light then makes the diamond have fire and brilliance. There are various type of cuts that will make the diamond different. This is one instance when you will need to see the diamond to make your selection.          

Susan Eisen continues to be the heart of the company. She has still focuses on offering clients a dedication to artisanship that highlights her exceptional style and centers on fulfilling your jewelry needs with a piece that you can forever treasure. She has refocused on her art roots by restoring her art gallery in 2008. And by retracing her roots, she has restored herself as an artist in the intricate business of gold and diamonds.