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Chandlee Jewelers
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Athens GA 30606

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Chandlee Jewelers is the one stop location for all your local jewelry store needs. We are nestled in Athens to provide the communities with any of their fine jewelry desires, no matter if it is gold or platinum jewelry, watches or even diamonds. Come by to see how Chandlee Jewelers differs from retail jewelers today.

When searching for a diamond, we are your diamond store destination. We will tell you upfront that the lowest price is never the best deal when it comes to diamonds. Pricing means nothing without quality, and here at Chandlee Jewelers, we know more than most about quality. We also have the experience to teach you a few tutorial points on discovering a great deal on a diamond because diamond pricing is complicated to the point that simple comparisons between stones almost never works. The reality is you need to look at more than just the 4 Cs so many of our competitors pride themselves on. There are thirteen quality factors that you should keep in mind. Without consulting this thirteen point list, you like most couples last year will pay too much for your diamond ring.

Chandlee Jewelers Conflict-Free Diamond Policy
Here, as a quality diamond store, we only sell one hundred percent certified non-conflict diamonds, giving you the satisfaction of know you have a completely legal diamond. We continue to comply to the Kimberly Process, various United Nations resolutions as well as the Patriot Act to guarantee that our diamonds have not been used to further
bloodshed, allowing our retail store to help those troubled regions.

Chandlee Jewelers uses the same selective method to choose our diamond cutters. We feel since we use such a stringent selection process in knowing that the origins of our rough diamonds are conflict free, we should be equally discriminating in choosing our diamond cutters.

We purchase our polished diamonds from professional members of the diamond trade, helping us stay a top retail store.

Chandlee Jewelers also has binding contracts with our diamond suppliers, which guarantees an additional step to ensure our diamonds are conflict-free.

We value being the premier local retail store in Athens, and we understand the concern for where diamonds originate from our customers. Chandlee Jewelers is the retail jeweler, who strives to uphold the highest standards.

Chandlee Jewelers is the type of retail jewelry store where you receive the quality and service you expect. We evolve with our fluid industry to ensure your needs are meet no matter what changes occur in the market. You can be guaranteed that you will receive the most up-to-date services with our employment of the top of the line technologies and developments in the industry. We strive to excel not only as a local jewelry store but in the community as well.

Handmade Jewelry Berrys Jewelers Corpus Christi TX 78412

Berrys Jewelers
5830 Mcardle Rd # 1
Corpus Christi, TX 78412

Ph (361) 854-3426                                 

Berrys Jewelers is the Corpus Christi area location for custom designed jewelry. We continue to serve you with great customer support. Our staff has the knowledge and expertise from four decades of service to help you find perfect handmade jewelry. Stop in to see how we end your search for custom jewelry today!

Beginning a custom jewelry design is stressful, and we can assist you in every facet of design. Our master goldsmiths can help you turn a picture or drawing into a carved wax model that is ready for your inspection. We will cast and set your stones into your own custom jewelry. We have an extensive selection of stones to choose from, or you could even use stones you already possess. If creating designer jewelry from scratch is not what you desire, we have an enormous collection of mountings available. You can remount stones from an unworn piece of jewelry, transforming it into a modern piece of jewelry.

Our Process
We have made custom designs for over thirty five years.

We understand that handcrafted jewelry has three main parts:
the ring should be beautiful

  • the stones set securely
  • the ring must be comfortable to wear

Our job as creators is to give you these three components as well as give you the information to help you have the ring you desire.

Step 1 Getting started
Call 361-854-3426 or 877-954-3426 or e-mail j5berry@sbcglobal.net for a personal response or you may visit our store during store hours, or call for a special appointment.  You will not be pressured in anyway.  Our goal is to meet your needs within your budget.

Step 2 Decide on the shape and size of your center diamond.
Knowing the shape, size, color and clarity of your center diamond will insure you end with designer jewelry in your price range.

Step 3 Select the mounting for your diamond.
You should send us a picture or a sketch you think will work for your ring, and we will create a virtual electronic image or a wax model for your approval. You may, even, wish to use one of our massive inventory of mountings. Once you have progressed to this stage, we require a $300 non-refundable deposit.

Step 4 Approval
You will then be able to approve the virtual electronic image or wax model. We hope for you to make changes you wish to have completed as well as the exact ring size. If you use one of our mountings, we want you to see it before the stones are set.

Step 5 Delivery
You will come in to pick up your finished ring. You will leave with an appraisal for your finished ring and a certificate if you purchased a certified diamond. We will also resize your ring for free. A custom designed ring will take two to four weeks from start to finish.

A custom designed ring is a perfect gift because it is both a luxury and practical gift!

Wedding Bands Arnold Jewelers Owensboro KY 42301

Nick T Arnold Jewelers
3630 Frederica St
Owensboro KY 42301

Ph (270) 686-8463

Nick T. Arnold Jewelers is the premier bridal jewelry location. We are dedicated to have the greatest collection of wedding jewelry available. Come in and look through our amazing selection of engagement rings today!

Diamond Buyers Guide
When searching for your wedding jewelry, you first need to decide on your budget. This will help you find the great quality for a price you can live with. The adage of spending a couple of months salary is a good guideline, but you should stay within what you consider an adequate budget.

Selecting a carat size is a balancing act between size and quality. You can find a larger diamond that is graded slightly lower in terms of color and clarity, but is still of excellent quality.

You should also remember that slender fingers make small diamonds look larger. You can use this to gage what she desires while you start your shopping experience.

Lastly, you should consider what the mounting will look like. Make sure you have selected a setting that will hold the diamond she longs for.

You should also have some knowledge on how a diamond is rated using the 4 Cs: Carat, Clarity, Cut and Color.

Loose Diamonds and Grading Reports
A grading report gives you the layout of diamond, revealing the exact weight, cut, and quality. It is a complete description of an individual diamond.  The grading report also serves as a guide for a diamonds value. However, do not confuse a certificate with an appraisal.

The difference is a grading report or certificate depicts the quality of a diamond, yet will not assign monetary value. On the other hand, an appraisal will put a monetary value on the stone, but will not reveal the quality of the diamond.

The two most trusted reports come from the Gemological Institute of American (GIA) and the American Gem Society Lab (ABSL). Both are widely regarded and recognized throughout the world.

Viewing grading reports gives you the chance to make an informed decision on your diamond selections and allows you the chance to compare stones. You can then make an informed choose based on tangible aspects of a diamond.

If you encounter a retail store that tries to sell you a loose diamond without a grading report, remember that you can only base your decision on the salesperson and not facts. A trained gemologist, like our Stephen, may disagree with that opinion.

Wait no longer to witness the Arnolds Jewelers difference today!

Handmade Jewelry Adeler Jewelers 22066

Adeler Jewelers
772-E Walker Road
Great Falls, VA, Virginia 22066

(703) 759-4076

Adeler Jewelers adheres to the conventional view for those searching for unique jewelry. We strive to create the ideal shopping experience. Here we try to meet your needs by being more than just a stop along your handmade jewelry search. We hope to be the destination, your destination. Our knowledgeable staff provides a comfortable shopping environment, giving you the fairest prices for our designer jewelry.

If you can imagine it, we can create it. Adeler Jewelers strives to create jewelry, so wait no longer to schedule your own design appointment. Our master jewelers truly enjoy helping you create a piece. We take great satisfaction in modeling beautiful handmade jewelry from your inspiration. Why not celebrate your important occasions with a piece as unique as your life? Our consultation are always free, and we do not charge a deposit to begin a design. Our goal is to continue working with you in the future, so come in today and experience the satisfaction only Adeler Jewelers can give.

Re-design an Heirloom?
Adeler Jewelers will not only create custom made jewelry from scratch, we can a help you re-design an outdated family heirloom. Don’t worry, you will be able to keep the sentimental value untouched. Our goldsmiths believe in keeping the historical link that heirlooms possess, while giving the piece an updated feel. We can use an original piece and make the desired amount of alterations, giving you the custom design jewelry you deserve.

Gemstone Advice
Bring your collection of colored gemstones today! Assembling colored gemstones is an affordable jewelry collection for anyone. The shape and sizes of the stones are infinite. Expand your accessories with colored gemstones and give yourself a signature of style.

Remember to stay within your favorite colors or tonal families to ease into colored gemstone jewelry. Do you have a dress in bright primary colors? How about multiple pieces in soft pastels? Is the range of color in your closet black or white? Do you prefer warm or cool tones? No matter your answers, you will find the perfect gemstone in your budget. So do not delay, add color to your jewelry box today!

Come today to start the design on your own custom design jewelry. You can also peruse our vast collection of stunning Gemstones (both mounted and loose), exotic Tahitian, South Sea Pearls, Diamond Jewelry, Gold and our exclusive collection of Adeler Watches. Drop by today or call us at 703.759.4076 to schedule a personal consultation.