Retail Jeweler Store Berrys Jewelers Corpus Christi TX 78412

Berrys Jewelers
5830 Mcardle Road #1
Corpus Christi, TX 78412

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Berrys Jewelers strive to continue our wonderful customer service. Our intelligent staff will help you find the prefect jewelry for any occasion. Come by today to see why Berrys Jewelers has been a leading jewelry store in Corpus Christi.

Being a great ring store, we understand why gold jewelry never goes out of style. The reason is that gold wears over time wonderfully. It will not react to any other elements that could tarnish your gold jewelry. Gold is rarely the cause for allergic reactions. It can be formed into any shape easily from small unbreakable strains to razor thin sheets. One ounce of gold will equal ten feet square hammered sheet. In the hands of a master, gold can be manipulated in any way you desire.

No diamond store would be complete without gold, and because of that gold is one of the most precious metals in the world. It can be found in rivers, seas, the earth’s crust and even trace amounts are in living creatures. It is an expensive and exhausting mining procedure that only yields one ounce of gold from three tons of raw ore. This scarcity will keep gold a precious commodity.

Gold Colors
Despite pure gold being yellow, we can now make gold be white, rose, green and even two toned. These colors can be created by mixing pure 24K gold with other metals, like copper, silver, zinc and nickel.

Rose Gold
Rose gold can be referred to as pink or red gold, and is created by mixing pure gold with a high percentage of copper. It is a subtle and delicate color, which will intensify with age. The copper will tarnish, creating an attractive rose color. The amount of gold will not change with these colors because the alloy will replace the silver colored alloys.

Stop in today to see how Berrys Jewelers can help you with your gold rings.

Wedding Jewelry Donnys Diamond Gallery Huntsville AL

Donnys Diamond Gallery
2500 Memorial Pkwy SW
Huntsville, Alabama, 35801

Ph (256) 534-2255

Donnys Diamond Gallery is your bridal jewelry destination. We carry a vast selection of all your engagement rings, wedding bands or anniversary rings. Our master jewelers have gained the knowledge and experience to help you find jewelry to your fine taste.

Most couples select three rings to celebrate their commitment to each other: an engagement ring, bridal bands and anniversary rings. These rings are all symbols of enduring love. We strive to help you with all stages of your relationship.

We, here at Donnys Diamond Gallery, follow our lasting tradition of highest skilled jewelers to ensure you have the greatest bridal jewelry shopping experience. Our goldsmiths can help you create a unique wedding band. Moreover, you can go with a modern ring to celebrate your anniversary.

Drop by today to see how a custom jeweler will change the way you look at wedding rings.

Wedding Jewelry Chandlee Jewelers Athens GA

Chandlee Jewelers
1850 Epps Bridge Pkwy, Ste 213
Athens GA 30606

Ph 706-543-4653

Chandlee Jewelers can help whether you need a diamond engagement ring, wedding rings or even anniversary rings.  We are the premier wedding jewelry location in Athens.

We take pride in serving our customers with their bridal needs. We understand that you value our help when purchasing a symbol of your love. Here at Chandlee Jewelers, we are diligent about perpetuating our ridiculously high standards. To assist, we have the following guiding points when buying any wedding jewelry.

When diamond engagement ring shopping, always remember how much finger size attributes to the size of stones. A slender finger will make a small diamond look larger. This will help you decide on a diamond. Next, you will need to select a mounting style. Be certain to choose a mounting that will hold the diamond you selected. This will start your engagement ring experience.

Keep in mind that buying a diamond is an investment as well as symbol of your love. Diamonds are rated using the four Cs of diamond characteristics: Carat, Clarity, Cut and Color.

A grading report provides you with information on all four. It also determines the value of a diamond. Do avoid confusing a certificate with an appraisal.

Stop by to see our hospitality first hand. Chandlee Jewelers is your local destination for wedding bands.

Wedding Jewelry Eisen Fine Jewelry El Paso TX

Eisen Fine Jewelry
Century Plaza
5857 N. Mesa Ste 19
El Paso TX 79912

Ph (915) 584-0022

Susan Eisen Fine Jewelry is the best location for all your wedding jewelry needs. We have grown since the 1980s from a one-person shop to one of the leaders in the jewelry industry. The key to all proposals is the diamond engagement ring. It will set the tone for your entire wedding. You will need to find a ring you feel will express your enduring love.

Despite the massive selection the internet will provide when buying a diamond, seeing is believing. You should always visit your local independent jeweler to decide on the perfect diamond to express your eternal love.

Professional jewelers would never buy a diamond without seeing a diamond, and this practice you should follow as well. We here at Susan Eisen Fine Jewelry will provide you a collection of loose diamond that will fit your budget. Our excellent sales staff will inform you of the grades of each of the stones to allow you the chance to make an informed decision. You will not only find the perfect diamond for your diamond engagement ring, but you will help support your local community.

Susan Eisen remains the heart that drives our company. She still converges on the dedication to fuse her artisanship with the needs of customers.

Victorian Rings Gem Collection Tallahassee Florida 32309

The Gem Collection
3501 Thomasville Road
Tallahassee, FL 32309

Ph (850) 893-4171

Come see our vintage collections today at your antique jewelry destination in Florida. We have amassed a wonderful collection of platinum and gold jewelry, natural color gemstones as well as South Sea cultured pearls as well as our selection of Antique Jewelry, Estate Diamonds, Heirloom Jewelry, Estate Jewelry, Vintage Jewelry and Victorian Rings.

We have added an extensive collection of heirloom jewelry to our collection. Come in today to see if we have the right piece for you. We constantly scour the area in search of the perfect heirloom jewelry for your shopping experience. We also pay attention to estate jewelry as well.

Heirloom jewelry also brought lasting changes to the jewelry industry. Citrine, aquamarine, amethyst, topaz and quartz all become vogue and still have considerable popularity. To achieve a beautiful look, constructions were hollow to conserve metal. Precious metals were rare with gold being scarce and platinum was unobtainable. Copper replaced nickel in alloying gold giving us rose gold. Palladium was first introduced to jewelry.

Our prices are unbeatable whether you search in person or on the web. We deal with individuals and estates to amass our amazing collection, giving us the ability to provide you with the fairest prices.

Gem Collection is your leader in antique jewelry. Come in today to see our extensive assortment.