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Satow Goldsmiths is your one stop bridal jewelry shop. We carry all of your wedding jewelry needs. Whether you are in the market for a diamond engagement ring, bridal bands or the in vogue anniversary ring, we have a magnificent collection.

When discussing wedding jewelry, the symbolism should not be lost. One thing to consider is the placement of the ring on the left hand ring finger. Wearing the ring on this finger is from an old belief of that specific finger having a vein that connected directly to your heart, since your heart is on the left side of your body. Therefore, wearing your bridal ring on your left ring finger would strengthen your marriage.

The tradition of wearing your wedding ring on the finger it was placed during the wedding ceremony has been abandoned. In its place, is the etiquette of wearing it on your left hand (in most countries). The simplest explanation for the location of your wedding ring is that most people are right handed, which makes your left hand the best place not to damage your wedding ring.

In addition to most wedding jewelry, we also carry a large assortment of pre-engagement rings, called promise rings. Likewise, some couples may only wear their wedding bands after marrying.

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Bridal Jewelry Jewelers of Maitland 32751 Maitland FL

Jewelers of Maitland
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Serving Maitland, Apopka, and Orlando Florida

Your wedding jewelry destination of Florida is Jewelers of Maitland. We will meet any of your wedding jewelry needs whether you need a diamond engagement ring, wedding bands or the in vogue anniversary rings.  Our jewelry ranges from gold to platinum with certified diamonds, pearls and a rainbow of gemstones. We have also an extensive collection of antique and estate jewelry, demonstrating our love of gemstones and craftwork.

Every couple differs in their own way. Therefore, the uniqueness of each couple should not be lost because of the jewelry that will symbolize their relationship. This attention to the needs of everyone is how you will amass our wedding jewelry.

This tasteful difference comes into view with the engagement ring. Some couples will gravitate towards the traditional solitaire diamond engagement ring, whereas others will want something less traditional.

Even in a simple setting for your engagement or anniversary ring, you can select a colorful gemstone instead of a diamond. You could use your favorite color or your birthstone, or complete the symbolism of your union by using the stone for your wedding month. The color is not your only choice. You can also pick from an array of cuts, whether you use a princess, oval, pearl, marquise or even the Ascher cut. Remember that semiprecious stones are cheaper than diamonds, but they still have the elegance and sparkle.

Come see how easy it is to find the perfect wedding jewelry at Jewelers of Maitland today.

Goldsmith Grant Custom Jewelers Sedona AZ

Grant Custom Jewelers
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Our excellent staff at Grant Custom Jewelers will help you with all your jewelry needs whether you want to peruse our extensive collection or you need custom jewelry. Stop by today to see how we can help you with all your jewelry needs.

Here at Grant Custom Jewelers, we take the guess work out of pricing. When pricing a non-diamond band, the price is the combination of the total weight and the labor/materials that go into the creation of the ring. Still without diamonds, the price comes down to the price of gold, which is graded by the karat. The higher the karat makes the price higher. Besides the cost of gold, the design of the ring will also influence the price. The more intricate will mean more work by our master goldsmith, so the price will be higher.

When looking at diamond jewelry, use the above method and add the price of the diamond. Our professional jewelers have the skill set and the knowledge to make beautiful custom jewelry at competitive prices.

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Loose Diamonds The Gem Collection Tallahassee Florida 32309

The Gem Collection
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The Gem Collection has the greatest collection of certified diamonds in Florida. Our diamond jewelry selection includes platinum and gold jewelry. We have an extensive assortment of Antique Jewelry, Estate Diamonds, Heirloom Jewelry, Estate Jewelry, Vintage Jewelry as well as Victorian Rings. Drop by today for any of your diamond needs.

Looking for loose diamonds is a daunting task. Our experienced staff has the expertise to help you find the perfect diamond.  The cut of the stone can give the illusion that the diamond is bigger than it truly is. If you are on a limited budget, select a diamond that has a larger cut.

Loose Diamonds vary in densities to other gemstones. Rubies weight more than a diamond whereas an emerald weighs less. This will also affect the size of diamond in your ring. You should always keep in mind the carats of diamond jewelry.

Have today be the day, you stop by to see our extensive selection of diamond jewelry.

Loose Diamonds Fremeau Jewelers Burlington Vermont 05401

Fremeau Jewelers
78 Church Street
Burlington VT 05401


Fremeau Jewelers has served Vermont for over the last 150 years, we value our traditional shopping experience, and Fremeau Jewelers knows what it takes to have lasting customer service. Drop by today to see all of our certified diamonds.

When looking for loose diamonds, the shape is one aspect you cannot overlook. It gives a uniqueness to the stone, hopefully matching the personality of its wearer. The majority of woman prefer the traditional round cut, yet fancy cut diamonds like the Asscher cut remain popular. No matter ones preference, we will carry a diamond perfect for you and your loved ones.

Princess Cut Diamond
When we move down the list of the top five diamond shapes, a close second is the princess cut diamond. It is a square cut that will come in a massive array of sizes and brilliance levels. It is newly popular in the gemstone world. The popularity continues to increase, and this increase will expand as people realize the brilliance of this cut. The princess cut has clean lines, highlighting a sparkle that will dazzle. Lastly, the princess cut has the same universal jewelry quality as the round cut.

Oval Shaped Brilliant
The oval shaped diamond is a perfect shape for engagement rings or pendants. This cut contains 56 facets to give a spectacular sparkle to any setting.

Stop by to see the massive collection of loose diamonds as well as diamond jewelry today at Fremeau Jewelers.