Gold Rings Satow Goldsmiths Las Vegas Nevada

Satow Goldsmiths
10740 S. Eastern Ave, Suite 110
Henderson, NV 89052

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Satow Goldsmiths is your fine diamond jewelry destination. We carry an extensive array of jewelry from platinum to gold and everything in between. We have all the latest designs to help keep you in vogue.

Our jewelers here will always inspect your rings, but in the meantime, follow these easy steps to preserve the life of your jewelry.

Store your jewelry separately. Otherwise, your jewelry will be scratched.

  • Avoid harsh chemicals, extreme temperatures as well as sunlight.
  • Remove your jewelry to save it from any direct blows that could damage your stones or precious metal. Some times to remove your rings include:
    • Doing household tasks such as cleaning, gardening or yard work.
    • When swimming in a pool. The chlorine is a harsh chemical to your designer jewelry and can loosen your gemstones from their settings.
  • Polish sterling silver with a soft cotton cloth or a sunshine cloth. Store your sterling silver in plastic bag to lessen tarnish.

Lastly, periodically check your stones for any loose stones or worn prongs. You can have a ring retipped to ensure you have secure stones.

Visit us to see the exquisite collection of gold jewelry at Satow Goldsmiths today.

Diamond Engagement Ring Gem Collection Tallahassee FL 32309

The Gem Collection
3501 Thomasville Road
Tallahassee, FL  32309

Ph (850) 893-4171

Your engagement jewelry destination is The Gem Collection. Our experienced staff will help you find any of your bridal needs. We have an extensive collection of bridal  sets, including diamond engagement rings as well as anniversary rings, that range from traditional to Antique or even Estate rings. Come by today to find any of your bridal needs.

There are three other aspects you should consider that will affect the grade, thus the price of a diamond. These include Clarity, Cut and Color.

A grading report will determine the quality of the diamond. This will influence the price.

The two most trusted reports come from the Gemological Institute of American (GIA) and the American Gem Society Lab (ABSL). Both are widely regarded and  recognized throughout the world.

By looking at grading reports, you will have the ability to judge the value of  a diamond better. You then will be able to find the perfect diamond for your engagement ring.

After you have decided on a carat size, you can begin looking at mountings. The  mounting will hold the diamond she desires.

Stop by to see how we here at the Gem Collection can help you start your unique  engagement ring selection today.

Custom Designed Jewelry Fremeau Jewelers Burlington Vermont

Fremeau Jewelers
78 Church Street
Burlington VT 05401


Freemeau Jewelers is the custom made jeweler location in Vermont. Here at Fremeau Jewelers, we know what it takes for lasting customer service, so come by to see our unique jewelry today.

What style should I choose?

When considering style, jewelry can be the wild card. Is it fashionable? What new trend is in vogue? These are the primary focus of many people and jewelry stores.

White gold and platinum is the new thing for the last seven years. The look of the ring has changed. Right now the current look fills everything. However, when some do not meet the high standards this trend has, it will look too busy, baroque or garish. This follows a trend completely opposite. Yes, we keep up with the fashions of the day. To our clients who want the cutting edge fashionn statement, we can help you design a very in vogue ring.

Jewelry styles do last. Therefore, we are able to alter anything for custom jewelry. Bring your ring in, and we can begin creating you jewelry that meets your inner dreams. We can even fuse handmade jewelry with a family heirloom. Our goldsmiths can tackle any job, whether it is a custom design job or a difficult repair work.

Stop in to day to begin the easy process of handmade jewelry at Fremeau Jewelers.

Jewelry Repair Eisen Fine Jewelry El Paso TX 79912

Eisen Fine Jewelry
5857 N. Mesa Suite 19
Century Plaza
El Paso TX  79912

Ph (915) 584-0022

Susan Eisen Fine Jewelry is your one stop location for unique  jewelry. From our modest beginnings, Susan Eisen has been creating designer  jewelry for you, our customers. Having the expertise and knowledge to create  something specifically for you, we will help you find perfect custom jewelry  for any occasion.

Designer jewelry demonstrates your love and devotion like nothing else.  A custom designed engagement ring will reflect her personality and meet her dreams of the perfect ring. Like all custom designed jewelry, the designs are limitless. You can even incorporate family heirlooms to create the perfect complement to your big moment.

Here at Susan Eisen Fine Jewelry, we follow the artist vision of our founder Susan Eisen. Come by today to begin your own custom designed jewelry.

Diamond Store Donnys Diamond Gallery Huntsville AL 35801

Donnys Diamond Gallery
2500 Memorial Parkway  SW
Huntsville, Alabama, 35801

Ph (256) 534-2255

Donnys Diamond Gallery is your retail jewelry store destination. We will help you
with any of your jewelry needs. You can see our impressive collection of jewelry that
includes gold and platinum jewelry. Stop by today to have your jewelry needs fulfilled.

Here at Donnys Diamond Gallery, we care about your purchase as much as you do.
Our skilled staff has arranged this easy to follow guide.

Caring for your Gemstones

Despite the durability of emeralds, they can still be damaged as with all hard
gemstones. You need to avoid extreme heat (whether it is hot water, steamers or
ultrasonic cleaners as well as being stored near heaters, in your car). Never
expose these stones to harsh cleaning solutions, so only use cold water and a
gentle brush to clean.

Clean your turquoise like pearls, with a damp cloth drying completely with a
soft cloth. Avoid hot water, soaking, chemicals, steamers or ultrasonic cleansers.

Fashion Jewelry
Fashion jewelry is like Marcasite, created with jeweler cement. Use a damp
cloth to clean and dry with a soft, clean cloth. Never use any jewelry cleaners
or emerge in water.

Come by and see how Donnys Diamond Jewelry can be your local jewelry store.