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The purchase of a fine diamond symbolizes the significant moments in life and as such is unlike other purchases one makes. At West and Co. Jewelers we understand and respect the importance of the occasion and will take the time necessary to work with you, to answer your questions, to address your concerns and help you, not just buy a loose diamond, but to choose your own perfect diamond for your diamond jewelry.

A Diamonds value is determined by the 4Cs: The Cut, Color, Clarity and Carat Weight. The 4Cs are never exactly the same on any two Diamonds. Every Diamond is unique.  The 4Cs are listed in descending order according to each Cs impact on the beauty and hence the value of the Diamond.

Cut: The quality of the cut of a Diamond is very important; it is what gives a Diamond its unmatched brilliance and fire. There are three major components of cut; the Diamonds proportions, its symmetry and its polish or finish.

Color: A colorless Diamond is treasured for its rarity and beauty. Some Diamonds have a slightly yellow, brown to grey body color. Some feel this slight body color gives the Diamond warmth. A Diamond’s color is graded by letters: D, E &F are colorless. G,  H, I and J are considered near colorless. K, L & M are faint yellow.

Clarity: The clarity of a Diamond is its fingerprint. Many Diamonds have, under 10x magnification, small imperfections or irregularities in the crystal that are called inclusions. The size, number, nature and position of these inclusions determine the Diamonds clarity.

Carat Weight: The Diamonds weight is the easiest of the 4cs to determine. Today a carat is a standard metric weight of 0.2 grams. A carat is divided into 100 parts called points. An example would be 0.50Ct. is fifty points or ½ a carat.

It is a Diamonds durability and beauty that makes them an ideal symbol of lasting love. The famous advertising tag line A Diamond is forever says it all. A Diamond is the only gem that will look as good in 100 years as it does today, and a 100 year old Diamond looks as good today as it did when it was first presented.

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Satow Goldsmiths is a great diamond location. We have all your diamond needs whether you are looking for diamond jewelry or loose diamonds. Stop by today to see how we can help.

Yellow diamonds for much of history considered to be lesser diamonds. Paler yellows, such as canary are not as desirable as their darker counterparts. Intense rich yellows are the most rare and valuable of the fancy yellow diamonds. A quarter carat yellow diamond could be price upwards of ten thousand dollars, depending on clarity and cut. Several 6 carat fancy yellow diamonds have been priced as much as fifty seven thousand dollars per carat, recently.

The color of a yellow diamonds occurs due to the impurities trapped inside the diamond during creation. It only takes nitrogen atoms to replace the carbon ones, and the structure of the diamond will stay intact. However, the clarity and color will change.

Yellow diamonds are becoming increasingly popular. The former Red Sox star, Johnny Damon, dazzled everyone with the yellow diamond engagement ring he gave Michelle Mangan.

The biggest draw back is the rarity of yellow diamonds. They are only 1/10 of 1 percent of all diamonds mined. It is wonderful that lab created yellow diamonds are common and much more affordable. They even have the same beauty.

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Look no further than The Gem Collection for your fine diamond jewelry. We have the knowledge and experience to help you will all your jewelry needs. We have a massive collection of designer jewelry for you perusal. Stop by today to see all our platinum jewelry.

Picking the shape of your diamond is a key element that is overlooked many times. It will help you begin your diamond search. However, do not confuse shape with cut. A diamonds shape is just that: the outward appearance of the stone, whether it is round, oval etc.; while the cut refers to how the diamond itself is fashioned, how many facets  and so on. Below I’ll examine the various diamond shapes and tell a little about each of them, in order to help you make that all important choice.

Oval Diamonds – This design will yield an impression of a larger diamond, and they are also favored by women with smaller hands or fingers. It’s shape giving an elongated look to the hand.

Marquise Diamonds – Another diamond shape that looks larger than it actually is, the Marquise diamond is elongated with points on each end, though sometimes altered to a French tip where the end point is excised. A great choice for a solitaire.

Emerald Cut – Rectangular with corner cuts, this diamond is also called a step cut, because of the shape that resembles stair steps. Large, open facets on this diamond make it imperative to choose a stone of greater clarity and higher color, as inclusions and weak color are more noticeable in this cut.

Baguette Cut Diamonds – Another step cut diamond shape that is most frequently employed as side stones. Because it has few facets, quality and color come into play more here as imperfections become more visible in these uncomplicated, though elegant diamonds.

Knowing is half the battle. You now have a strong idea of what is out there for you to begin your shopping experience. A little help from a professional jeweler, and you will find the perfect diamond for you.

Drop by today to see how the Gem Collection will solve your fine jewelry needs.

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Look no further for a local jeweler than Fremeau Jewelers. We follow our founding vision of how customers should be treated for the last 170 years. We strive to build a  lasting relationship with our customers, which is what makes us a leading retail store.

We are your diamond store. We carry a vast selection of diamonds. White diamonds are produced by mines all over the world in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. One issue that has arisen with the growing popularity in colored diamonds is the term white. These diamonds are totally colorless, but they are given the name white.

White diamonds are traditional. Their beauty is unmistakable. There are necklaces, bracelets, anklets, earrings, rings, and even toe rings and belly button rings. Nothing is off limits when displaying the sheer beauty of white diamonds.

There is a rating classification for diamonds that will allow you to compare diamonds. This classification system is referred to as the 4 Cs. The 4 Cs are cut, color, clarity and carat. All four have a hand in rating a diamond, and the rating factors into price.

Cutting a diamond is the only aspect of the four that is altered by human hands. The cutter must cut and cleave the rough stone to create polished, flat facets in symmetrical arrangement to bring out the hidden beauty of a diamond.

The next consideration in white diamonds is color. The color has its own scale ranging from D to Z. It is most desirable to find a diamond that is close to the D rating.

Many of the man made diamonds are of a better quality than what can be found in  nature. There are some cloudy spots in some diamonds and these can often be hidden by a high quality cut.

Finally, diamonds are classified by carat. This is the weight of the diamond. The larger the diamond, the more it costs if the other 3 C’s also fall in line. Therefore, all four aspects will play into the price of a diamond. Now that you have some knowledge on comparing diamonds come down to your local jeweler today.

Visit us to see our extensive diamond collection at your diamond store, Fremeau Jewelers.

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Anniversary rings are romantic and an expression of the commitment of your love in Shawnee.

Learn the different types of cuts like princess cuts, emerald cuts, or radiant cuts. Figure out if a custom engagement ring is a better choice and what you can do to inscribe the ring or add hidden surprises in an engagement ring.

Few things in life are created especially for you and you alone.

Your engagement ring is truly one of a kind. Its uniqueness starts with the gem.  Usually a diamond, but that is your choice. The most popular shape is round but that,  too, is up to you. Princess cuts, emerald cuts and radiant cuts are just some of the options if you are looking for a square shape. All the other shapes are possible, too.

You also have your choice of size, of color, of proportions and clarity: Each gem has a unique fingerprint of tiny inclusions that make it unlike any other.

And then there is the ring not only made to fit one finger, yours, but in your choice of metals, whether platinum, 18k or 14k white or yellow gold, palladium, or any combination.

If the ring of your dreams can not be found, you can choose a custom design, created from scratch just for you. If you choose not to buy off the rack, but choose diamond and setting separately and have a one of a kind creation made just for you, it will take a little longer.

But like true love, some things are worth waiting for.