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Berrys Jewelers is your gold jewelry destination. Buying fine jewelry can feel overwhelming, but our  wonderful staff can help you take the stress out of your shopping experience. Come by and see our exciting collections today.

Many times it seems like pricing jewelry just happens without any reason. However, we will let you in on how it is priced. First, the pricing for a non diamond and diamond band will only differ by the amount of the diamond. That is easy enough to remember. Second, the band is only the combination of the total weight, labor and materials that go into creating the ring.  When considering diamonds, the karat weight will determine the price. Keep in mind that complicated designs will need more crafting; therefore, the price will go up. We keep our fine jewelry priced competitively.

We will give you a quality fine diamond jewelry shopping experience. In addition, our professional jewelers  can help you update your existing jewelry by incorporating your gemstones and diamonds in a new piece of jewelry. This will give you a modernized look instead of your unworn piece in the back of your jewelry box.

Stop by today to see our wonderful collection of gold jewelry here at Berrys Jewelers.

Gemologist Arnold Jewelers Owensboro KY 42301

Nick T Arnold Jewelers
3630 Frederica Street
Owensboro KY 42301

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Arnold Jewelers is the master jeweler for you. Come by today to see how our master jewelers will help you with any of your desires.

Our professional jewelers are part of the largest buying group in North  America. This allows for us to offer you better prices on all our diamonds and gemstones. With these lower prices, you can have beautiful jewelry from our certified jewelers and watchmakers. We couple our experience and knowledge with some of the most state of the art technology to stay on the cutting edge. We have over one hundred years experience to understand how to stay ahead in this industry.

Our master jewelers have compiled a few easy steps to avoid damaging your jewelry, so it will stay beautiful.

Avoid scratches, sharp blows, harsh chemicals, extreme temperatures and direct sunlight. Most of time these occur during storage, so try to keep your jewelry separate.

One of the worst places to wear jewelry is the swimming pool. Chlorine is a harsh chemical that will damage various gemstones and gold. You may also weaken your settings, which will cause you to lose your stones.

Lastly, you should have your stones checked every so often. You can even do this yourself. Make sure the stones do not rattle or are even loose. When this occurs, it means your prongs are worn. You are then at risk to lose your stone. Prongs are easy to retip, so bring it in quickly.

Come by today to see why Arnolds Jewelers is your local jeweler location