Handmade Jewelry West and Co. Jewelers Rochester NY

West and Co. Jewelers
1229 Bay Rd.
Webster, NY 14580

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Staffed with such great masters, West and Co. Jewelers are answer for all your custom designed jewelry needs. We have David W. Nytch, an award winning designer, master goldsmith and Certified Appraiser with more than thirty years experience. David has also reached the highest honors in the jewelry world with his designs being featured in gemology textbooks, Debeers website, ADiamondIsForever.com, and appears on regional newscast. Through his original, contemporary designs, you can see blending of new world technology and old world techniques that are unequaled. We are your custom designed jewelry destination.

The process to create custom made jewelry seems overwhelming, but we are experienced at simplifying this process. We can turn your ideas, drawings or pictures and work together with you to ensure that has you involved in creating your own unique piece of fine jewelry.

Once we have a beginning concept, you will then receive a price quote. We hope you will contact us to get your beginning quote from one of our jewelry design consultants.

After the concept has been finalized and the order placed, West and Co Jewelers will use Computer Assisted Design and Manufacturing software (CAD-CAM) to present you with a multi-dimensional rendering of your custom designed piece. This way you will see if you are pleased with the new piece.

When custom designed jewelry is created by Dave, it will be featured on our website in 14k, 18k, white, yellow and rose Gold as well as Platinum or Palladium.

Handmade Jewelry Satow Goldsmiths 89052 Henderson NV

Satow Goldsmiths
10740 S. Eastern Ave, Suite 110
Henderson, NV 89052

Ph (702) 837 – 8100

Come by today to see the Satow Goldsmiths difference. We have an extensive collection of fine jewelry from gold rings to platinum pieces. Satow Goldsmiths is your designer jewelry destination.

When looking for an engagement ring, you should consider a handmade ring. Why would you want the symbol of your relationship coming from a magazine? You should come in today to have us start you on the path for creating your own designer jewelry.

Creating custom designed jewelry is a simple process, but it is one that does require some added time. With a little added planning, you can create the perfect gift. You can start from scratch or even incorporate some of an existing piece of jewelry. Adding a piece from a family heirloom can be that special touch to push your gift over the top. Designing your own custom made jewelry allows whatever you envision.

Start your custom designed piece today and stop in here at Satow Goldsmiths.

Rings Store The Gem Collection Tallahassee FL 32309

The Gem Collection
3501 Thomasville Road
Tallahassee, FL  32309

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The Gem Collection is your local jewelry store collection. We have the experience in amassing a collection of gemstone that cannot be beat. Come by today to see why we are your retail jewelry store destination.

Being your master jeweler, we know that gold never goes out of vogue. It never wears out over time. Gold does not react to other elements that usually result in tarnish. Gold also rarely causes allergic reactions. Additionally, gold can be shaped into any shape from a hammered sheets to unbreakable strains. When in the hands of a master goldsmith, gold can be manipulated into anything you want. Here at The Gem Collection, we combine the expertise of a local jeweler with the convenience of a retail store.

Gold also makes a diamond shine. Gold is found everywhere on earth from rivers to seas and even in living creatures. Its value derives from the difficult mining process that only ends with an ounce of gold from three tons of raw ore.

Stop by today to see we are your retail jewelry store.

Professional Jeweler Fremeau Jewelers Burlington VT 05401

Fremeau Jewelers
78 Church Street
Burlington VT 05401


Look no further than Fremeau Jewelers for all your retail jeweler needs. We have based our continued success on our lasting vision for the last 170 years. We hold steadfast to these principles to build a  lasting relationship with our customers.

The Mohs scale of hardness rates gemstones. The higher the number that harder the stone. Also, a higher rated stone can scratch a lower rated one. With this in mind, you should store your jewelry  separately to avoid scratches.

Metals can scratch as well. The purer the gold or silver the softer it is to scratches. When storing your stones you need to protect them when you store in your jewelry box.

Come by to see how our custom jewelers can help you today at Fremeau Jewelers.

Diamond Earrings Ells Jewelry Shawnee OK 74804

Ells Jewelry
2202 N. Kickapoo St.
Shawnee, OK 74804

Ph (405) 273-7263

Ells Jewelry continue to be your diamond ring location by keeping our legacy of integrity and trust first. We have kept our small town feel and have focused on keeping our customers first. We fused our personalized service with our state of the art designs. We continues to grow with our community to become a leading diamond retailer.

Fancy colored diamonds are available in any color, but the most common are pink, yellow, green, brown, red, orange and blue. The more intense the color the rarer the stone is. These rich colorful stones can fetch more than a colorless counterpart.

Fancy colored diamonds will be graded in two ways. The first way is the basic hue, or color like pink, green, blue, etc. The second is intensity. Both color characteristics will result in the worth of the fancy diamond. A grade of Z+ is used in the grading. Even though a diamond might have the same size, shape and clarity, the color will determine the value. A light pink diamond will cost less than a vivid pink one. Because natural occurring colored diamonds are extremely rare, a lab create one is quite available.

This lab process will permanently create a fancy colored diamond from a nature colorless diamond. Treatments have also been created to make lower color white diamonds whiter. Irradiation colored diamonds will have less value than a natural fancy diamond. They can also be detected by a gem laboratory.

Come by today to see our collection of loose diamonds.