Professional Jeweler West and Co. Jewelers Rochester NY

West and Co. Jewelers
1229 Bay Rd.
Webster, NY 14580

Ph 585-671-2410

West and Co. Jewelers is your master  jeweler. We use the designs by David W. Nytch, an award winning designer,  master goldsmith and Certified Appraiser with more than thirty years experience to meet all your jewelry needs. Staffed with such great retail jewelers, we are the answer for all your questions.

Another problem with not meeting with a professional jeweler,  is that when you buy on the Internet all the jewelry based on a picture, which  is most always enhanced in PhotoShop before being added to the website.  At a local independent jewelry store you not only see the actual piece of jewelry you are buying you can also examine it under a microscope to evaluate the quality of the jewelry and the gemstones. Seeing is believing.

Unlike with our jewelers, diamond suppliers love Internet Jewelers. Professional jewelers at local independent jewelry stores examine large parcels of diamonds from their suppliers and choose the best diamonds for their inventory and return the rest to the+ supplier. In the past these suppliers were stuck with the remaining diamonds.  Today diamond suppliers can sell these left over diamonds after they have been picked through by professional jewelers and sell them to online jewelers who unload them on an unsuspecting (and uninformed) customer.

Drop by today and see how a master jeweler can help you at West and Co.

Jewelry Repair JewelSmiths San Ramon CA 94583

1600 #B Contra Costa Blvd.
Pleasant Hill,
CA 94523-3061

Ph 925-685-2943

JewelSmiths is your custom  jewelry destination. Because jewelry is a reflection of your unique style,  taste and personality, it makes perfect sense to create your own. Our expert  designers here at JewelSmiths can work with virtually any idea to create  breathtaking, artistic, beautiful pieces that set you apart from any custom designer collection. Stop by today to see how designer jewelry can meet your desires.

Our jewelers understand that handmade  jewelry has great materials. These materials include the color of precious  metal is somewhat important because certain metal colors go better with certain  gemstone colors. A good example is white or blue colored gemstones attain a  better radiance in white metals verses yellow metals. Before you start  selecting, it is best to consult a professional designer on color combinations
and techniques.

One of the most important aspect when creating your own designer  jewelry is planning. Planning allows you to control certain steps of the  designing process. From the beginning to end, planning will allow you to stop  or continue with the design at your pace, not theirs. Keeping the lines of  communication open allows you to become comfortable with the design process  every step of the way. Always remember, once a design is finished it is very  difficult to alter. Therefore, you come to JewelSmiths where we will consult every step of the process.

Communication is important because even if you consult with the jeweler to  ensure your unique  jewelry is perfect. Therefore, this is very important because some  designers like to design pieces they like, not what you like. A good designer can help you develop a design and consult with you on different settings or finishing techniques. It is very important that your designer has the ability to create using the fore mentioned steps. If you are in the early stages of designing give us a call or email us and one of our designers will answer any question you might have.

Visit our design showrooms at JewelSmiths and imagine the possibilities of your custom  jewelry.

Vintage Jewelry The Gem Collection Tallahassee FL 32309

Gem Collection
3501 Thomasville Road
Tallahassee, FL  32309

Ph (850) 893-4171

The Gem Collection is your estate diamonds destination. We amassed a selection of gemstones that cannot be beat. Come today to see why we have become Tallahassee’s estate jeweler.

Vintage jewelry is wonderful because of the fabulous gemstones, expert craftsmanship, unique interesting designs and best of all great values, but also you find a touch of history! Our personally selected collection includes contemporary estate jewelry, 1920s art deco jewelry, estate bracelets and earrings, and 1940s retro modern jewelry.

Having a Victorian jewelry jeweler is important because you want to have some one who understands its traditional craftsmanship. From Georgian earrings to Art deco rings and retro bracelets, people are discovering that antique jewelry has a place in today’s fashion and that its quality allows them to pass down their cherished antique jewelry as family heirlooms. Stop by today to see our stunning collection of estate jewelry.

See if our exquisite collection of heirloom jewelry is right for you here at the Gem Collection.

Local Jeweler Ells Jewelry Shawnee OK 74804

Ells Jewelry
2202 N. Kickapoo St.
Shawnee, OK 74804

Ph (405) 273-7263

When looking for a jeweler, Ells Jewelry continues to have a stellar retail jeweler. We take pride knowing that our strong community ties helped us become a trusted local jewelry store. We have focused on keeping our customers first by continuing our roots with a small town feel. We fused our personalized service with our state of the art designs. Moreover, by keeping our legacy of integrity, we are your local jeweler destination.

Our jewelers will make it a pleasurable shopping experience. There are unlimited choices available when shopping for engagement and wedding rings. Before you even choose a diamond, you have to think of ring settings: antique or modern; traditional looking or custom design; solitaire or three-stone; Prong setting, Channel setting, Bezel setting, or pave setting; platinum or gold; thin band or thick band; and on and on.  Again, this website is here to help you make those decisions so that you will have that  perfect engagement as special as your love.

It is advisable to go to the jewelry store with a budget in mind and choose your rings accordingly when seeing a jeweler. Accepted standards suggest that the gentleman purchase an engagement ring which equals two months salary. However, now it is whatever you are willing to spend. With a set budget you will shop directly for what you desire.

Come see how we are your retail jeweler destination here at Ells Jewelry!

Buy Gold Eisen Jewelry El Paso Texas 79912

Eisen Fine Jewelry
5857 N. Mesa Suite 19
Century Plaza
El Paso TX  79912

Ph (915) 584-0022

When you sell gold, Susan Eisen Fine Jewelry and Watches will give you a competitive price. We have gone from a small one person jewelry and art gallery to a major player in the jewelry industry today, over the past 31 years. We know the pulse of the jewelry industry and can give you a fair price when you sell gold jewelry.

This is a perfect time to sell unwanted diamonds and gold, but avoid the mistakes of most people. Just read the deals (scams) on the Internet, and you will see the ways you can make a more profitable sale with a local jeweler today! You will find the perfect dealer to buy gold jewelry.

Today is a great time to find someone to buy gold. Now there is a market for accepting those unwanted gold and diamonds that you just were not sure what you were going to do with and you can find them in trusted online pawnbrokers. If you are still hesitant; simply read the Cash For Gold scams that are on the Internet and you will see the benefit and profits for yourself; the time is now to earn the cash you deserve!

Here at Susan Eisen Fine Jewelry, we will buy gold jewelry. Come in today to sell gold jewelry today.