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West and Co. Jewelers is your diamond location. We use the designs by David W. Nytch, an award winning designer, master goldsmith and Certified Appraiser with more than a quarter century of experience to meet all your jewelry needs. Staffed with such great master jewelers, we are the answer for all your diamond rings questions.

You want a certified diamond with the wow factor. Furthermore, the Forever 10 diamond will take your breath away and will always stay with you. Its 10 hearts and 10 arrows perfect enhance the beauty of a diamond, but also symbolize the love you share. The Forever 10 is as rare and perfect as the love you have with your beloved. A unique and perfect relationship deserves the same in a diamond.

A Forever 10, loose diamond has the most impeccable cut in the world. The cut, the most important of the 4 Cs, is demonstrated in this perfect cut. The Forever 10 diamond equals its perfect standards, revealing a unique combination of beauty and perfection. You should have the diamond of your dreams.

Drop by today and see how perfect a Forever 10 diamond truly is here at West and Co.

Professional Jeweler JewelSmiths San Ramon CA 94583

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When looking for a goldsmith, your search will end with JewelSmiths. Because jewelry is a reflection of your unique style, taste and personality, it makes perfect sense to create your own. Our expert designers here at JewelSmiths can work with virtually any idea to create breathtaking, artistic, beautiful pieces that set you apart from any custom designer collection. Come by today to see the difference working with a master jeweler makes.

You should have all your jewelry checked by our jewelers to look out for problems or concerns. A jewelry inspection allows your jeweler an opportunity to professionally clean and inspect wear areas that can lead to breakage, abrasion or god forbid a lost gemstone! Treat your jewelry like your health and it will take care of you – emotionally and financially.

A custom jeweler knows that a major shortcut like a polishing cloth must not be used on gemstones unless they are the major colors of the flag – red (ruby) white (diamond) blue (sapphire). Some gemstones can have their facets/angles polished off or rubbed out by hard polishing. One good example is tanzanite, any polishing on the gemstone can rub out or dull its brilliance.

Come in to see our professional jewelers today here at JewelSmiths.

Diamond Engagement Rings Gem Collection Tallahassee Florida 32309

The Gem Collection
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The Gem Collection has all your loose diamonds. We amassed a selection of gemstones that cannot be beat. Come today to see why we have become Tallahassees best selection of diamond earrings.

You should also avoid buying a diamond because of its weight. A bigger but poorer quality diamond or a smaller but better quality diamond? A lighter stone with a better cut is worth more than a heavier but undercut stone. A diamond may weigh heavier because it may be cut to maximize its weight and size but it is not cut to its ideal proportion that would bring out its fire and brilliance. You should always look to purchase the diamond that will mean the most for you.

The facets on a certified diamond may not improve the value or quality. Nowadays you can find diamonds with over 70 facets being promoted as being better than 57 facet diamonds. This is not true. It is the diamond cut. The diamond facets must be cut with proportion and perfect symmetry. The diamond must be cut in such a way that light is refracted out through the top of the table which gives it the sparkle and brilliance and not through the pavilion and bottom. Many diamond shapes have less facets than the brilliant round diamond yet are as beautiful as the round diamond such as emerald and princess cut diamond.

See if our exquisite selection of loose diamonds is right for you here at the Gem Collection.

Unique Engagement Rings Eisen Fine Jewelry El Paso TX

Eisen Fine Jewelry
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Look no further than Susan Eisen Fine Jewelry for your wedding bands. Here you can see how we have gone from a small one person jewelry and art gallery to a major player in the jewelry industry today, over the past 31 years. We continuously follow the pulse of the jewelry industry and will offer you a fair price when buy your diamond engagement rings.

For every style of bridal jewelry, there are many ring styles for oval engagement rings, but the most famous of them all is the three stone setting. You can have three oval shaped stones or have an oval stone as the center stone and the two marquise cut side stones to make it flashy. If you want a romantic look, have gemstones like rubies and sapphires as your side stones or to make a grand look, have a topaz side stones. Because of the uniqueness of the shape, an oval solitaire ring is not usually to be found. The solitaire ones have side stones along the band or surrounding the stone to accentuate its extraordinary shape; these side stones add more brilliance and elegance to the ring. This way you will leave with a unique engagement ring.

The style of your anniversary ring is important to having a stunningly gorgeous ring, but your choice of the right metal is also vital to your vision. A slim platinum band with side stones will surely emphasize the exquisiteness of the shape while a gold band will add a romantic glow to the stone. This way you can have the metal throughout your wedding bands.

Choosing an oval engagement ring is such a unique choice. The beauty and style of the shape is enduring. It was such a very good investment and perfect to be a family heirloom because of its timeless beauty. And for that special day, make her the most special by offering her a special wedding ring.

Here at Susan Eisen Fine Jewelry, you will find your perfect bridal jewelry.

Designer Jewelry Brundage Jewelers Louisville KY 40207

Brundage Jewelers
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Brundage Jewelers has the best selection of fine diamond jewelry in the area. We have a  stunning selection of fine diamond jewelry makes us a leading jewelry store in Louisville. Stop by today to find the perfect platinum jewelry gift.

Fine jewelry means gold jewelry for most people. What most people do not consider is that gold can come in other colors than yellow. The gold is mixed with silver and copper to achieve different colors of gold such as a yellow, red, and even green! In yellow gold the copper and silver is mixed in equal parts.  When the copper is increased and the silver is decreased you have red gold, sometimes called rose gold.  For green gold the silver is increased and the copper is decreased.

You should know all your options when purchasing designer jewelry. Because if you are not schooled in the worth of gold jewelry, it is important to be aware of the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) standards placed on genuine gold content jewelry. It is regulated that the gold must be labeled indicative of its worth. The content, or karat weight, must be noticeably stamped on some portion of the gold jewelry. On rings, you’ll typically find this mark inside of the band.

Gold rings are the perfect gift. Gold jewelry is a beautiful addition to any wardrobe for men and women, adults and children alike. Gold jewelry can bring out glowing skin tones and accentuate your clothing choices.

You should think about what you wear when trying to find the fine jewelry rings. Items you’ll wear everyday, such as wedding bands, should be made of the purest gold.  For pieces that you’ll wear forever, always choose the best quality gold jewelry that your budget will allow. With a little bit of care, your gold jewelry will last you a lifetime.

Stop in to see our beautiful collection of designer jewelry at our 141 Chenoweth   Lane, Louisville, KY location.