Colored Stones Yellow Emerald

All Yellow Emerald gemstones are natural and certified. Currently, our gemstone rins are only found in one mine in one mountain in Brazil. The color is very unusual and changes in different lighting environments. We are currently searching for other deposits when we find indicator minerals present.

As the perfect colored stone for gemstone earrings, most green emeralds have many inclusions which cause durability issues. Yellow Emerald™ gemstones have very few (if any) inclusions and is 7.5-8.0 on the moh’s scale. The presence of the iron in the gemstone also gives it more strength. Even if a jeweler breaks or chips the Yellow Emerald trying to set it for a customer, we replace it at NO CHARGE. No other company offers this type of guarantee on certified gemstones or diamonds.

Gemstones get their hues from different minerals. Green emeralds are green because of chromium in the ground. Yellow Emerald™ gemstones also have traces of chromium which makes the greenish cast, but the iron in the ground has taken over the green color and will never change or fade.

Retail Jewelry Store Van Adams Jewelers Snellville Georgia

Van Adams Jewelers
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Van Adams Jewelers is a well-established retail jewelry store that has grown with our community from a small store to a multiple brand. Our years of experience and services as a jewelry store have built a legacy of integrity and trust with our customers.

One thing we know as a local jewelry store, make sure to remove all jewelry before showering or cleaning. Soap can cause a film to form, making it appear dull and dingy. By preventing the formation of this film you immediately reduce the occasions of servicing.

Retail jewelry storesknow that the trick cleaning your jewelry at home is to soak the jewelry for as long as possible. This will loosen any built up material that is trapped in and around the piece. Always remember to read the instructions on the commercial jewelry cleaners before you attempt cleaning.

An old trick that retail stores know about is to remove grease, grime, paint or any other substance from your jewelry. Try using plain rubbing alcohol, soak then clean normally should do the trick.
Come in today to purchase a polishing cloth from your retail jewelry store to polish silver or gold for best results. You can use a svelte or an old diaper, but the professional cloths are the best. Use of tissue or paper towels can cause scratches on your jewelrybecause of fibers in these products.  Click Here


Bridal Jewelry Satow Goldsmiths Las Vegas Nevada

Satow Goldsmiths
10740 S. Eastern Ave, Suite 110
Henderson, NV 89052

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Satow Goldsmiths has the greatest selection of diamond engagement rings in the Las Vegas area. Our master jeweler has extensive experience in creating a custom bridal jewelry that will make your dreams come a live. Stop by to see how our diamond wedding rings can meet your desires in a ring.

Many people just think of bridal jewelry as a required action. These people do give wedding jewelry to people they love, but it is often without the symbolic meaning attached.

The wedding ring has a special place as the symbol of love. It has much meaning to exceeds the just a piece of jewelry. It encompasses Love, Commitment, Respect and Fidelity. This symbolic meaning of wedding jewelry has a long and rich history.

Drop by to see our stunning collection of custom, diamond engagement rings today.

Fine Diamond Jewelry Dayton Ohio Michaels Jewelry Center

Michael’s Jewelry Center
572 MiamisburgCenterville Rd.
Dayton, Ohio 45459

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Michaels Jewelry Centeris your destination to find gold jewelry in a perfect environment. We will give you the ability to view jewelry for any reason whether it is to mark a significant life occasion or just because. We carry a broad array of fine jewelry.

To have colored gold in your gold jewelry, the gold is mixed with silver and copper to achieve different colors of gold such as a yellow, red, and even green! In yellow gold the copper and silver is mixed in equal parts.  When the copper is increased and the silver is decreased you have red gold, sometimes called rose gold.  For green gold the silver is increased and the copper is decreased.

A white gold fine jewelry is made the same way a yellow gold ring is made, but the alloys combined with the pure gold give the finished metal combination a white hue. Any number of gold/alloy combinations can be used to make gold appear white. After the new white colored gold ring is created, the finished ring is plated with a precious metal metal called rhodium. The rhodium finish gives the ring a bright luster that is impossible to produce when creating white gold alloy combinations.

Fine jewelry is a beautiful addition to any wardrobe for men and women, adults and children alike. Gold can bring out glowing skin tones and accentuate your clothing choices.

When buying gold earrings, think about how you’ll wear the piece. Items you’ll wear everyday, such as wedding bands, should be made of the purest gold.  For pieces that you’ll wear forever, always choose the best quality gold jewelry that your budget will allow. With a little bit of care, your gold rings will last you a lifetime.

Visit us to see our collection fine jewelryhere at our studio:572  Miamisburg Centerville Rd.,Dayton,Ohio45459.


Bridal Jewelry Hupp Jewelers 46037

Hupp Jewelers
7808 East 96th Street
Fishers, IN 46037

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Hupp Jewelers is your diamond engagement ring destination. We even have a lovely selection of loose diamonds as well as diamond jewelry. Our experienced staff has the knowledge and training to help you to create the perfect bridal jewelry. Come see our wedding rings in a relaxed shopping experience.

If you are going to propose marriage over the coming weeks, you will need to get engagement ring to set the right mood. Not any bridal ring will work for you, but one that you will be happy to present and something that she will like to wear.

When looking for wedding ring, you may be confused with the many options available. To help define your selection, consider the following:

1. Costs – How much should you pay for the bridal ring? Pay equivalent to at least a few weeks up to two months of your income is a good measuring tool.

2. Band – The type of metal are you considering for your engagement ring? White gold, yellow gold and platinum are the most common choices. Pay attention to the other jewelry that your girlfriend wears to see if she has a preference.

3. Setting – Are you considering a diamond solitaire, a engagement ring with stones on the side, or some other settings?

4. Miscellaneous – The shape of diamond engagement ring she prefers.  Round is the most common, but princess cuts are popular today, and many women prefer marquise, oval, pear, or heart shaped diamonds. Click Here