Vidalia GA Jewelry Store | K E Butler Jewelers

Despite seeing retail jewelry stores everywhere you look, Jewelry stores are not a dime
a dozen. You will see the difference once you step into Butler Jewelers. We carry an array of jewelry ranging from that perfect diamond engagement ring to those stunning colored gemstone stud earrings. We understand that a jewelry store should view every customer as an opportunity to establish a lifelong relationship. To do so, we bring trust back to jewelry shopping at your local jewelry store. Stop in today to see how a local jeweler can help you with all your jewelry needs.

The biggest issue that box retail jewelry stores have is that all their beautiful jewelry is mass produced. When looking for the perfect gift from a jewelry store, you want something that stands alone. You want to turn heads, and you will with some beautiful jewelry from our stunning collection. Our local jewelers have balanced old world sensibilities with new technologies. A big box store cannot promise you any more than the same jewelry they have sold everyone else. A true jewelry store understands how you want something more than average.

Drop in when you want something more than ordinary jewelry stores and come in to see how our talented representatives can make this dream come true. Butler Jewelers will help you find the perfect gift at: 1303B E. 1st St., Vidalia, GA, 30474,  Ph 912.537.3623 Watch this.

Diamonds Tallahassee FL | The Gem Collection

A loose diamond is an odd thing to search. It seems that most mass box store only have interest in selling over priced diamond jewelry; whereas, we here at The Gem Collection will give you choice to selection your own certified diamonds. You will be able to choose your diamond and your own diamond jewelry whether it is diamond rings, diamond earrings or even diamond engagement rings. You will have the freedom you desire when looking for diamonds, so come on in today to find the perfect certified diamond in our diamond studio at The Gem Collection.

Diamond engagement rings are difficult to decide on because they invoke such emotion that it is difficult to cut away at sentimental feeling to find the perfect diamond in your price range. Some of the mysteries of pricing diamonds come from the uncertainty of a diamond’s value. It always starts with the cut because out of all factors of a diamond whether it is the color, clarity or carat weight, the cut is added and will give the diamond its lustrous beauty or not; furthermore, the placements of the facets determine if the diamond will burn with a brilliant fire. If the clarity and color are the same quality, the cut will be the deciding factor along with the carat weight for the diamond.

You can find the diamond jewelry you desire here at The Gem Collection is your diamond destination here at 3501  Thomasville Road, Tallahassee, FL 32309, Ph (850) 893-4171. Click Here

Engagement Rings | Las Vegas | Satow Goldsmiths

When looking for the right diamond engagement ring, you should visit Satow Goldsmiths. We can help you find the perfect expression of your undying of love. We have a stunning collection of bridal jewelry whether you want that unique engagement rings or anniversary rings. We understand how stressful shopping for a symbol everything you feel and desire. Our artisan jewelry store will give you the needed attention to move beyond mass produced jewelry. Stop in today to find the diamond engagement ring you have searched for so long.

You can peruse our stunning selection of wedding jewelry in our state-of-the-art custom design and jewelry repair studio. We combine new world technique with old world sensibilities. In our studio, you can create the ideal engagement rings that no one can match. No matter if you want unique engagement rings or designer anniversary rings, we can help you start designing a ring of your own. Why think that your ideal love can be matched with a mass produced ring? The reality is that it cannot be, so a custom designed engagement ring
will give you the perfect symbol you desire.

Come in today to start on your custom designed wedding jewelry. You will be able to turn heads with the perfect diamond engagement rings here at Satow Goldsmiths. 10740 S. Eastern Ave, Suite 110, Henderson, NV, 89052, Ph (702) 837 – 8100. This video is great

Brundage Jewelers Fine Jewelry | Louisville KY

Platinum jewelry is making a lasting impression across the jewelry world. Whether it is for a wedding band or just a beautiful gift, you should come to Brundage Jewelers for your platinum jewelry needs. We have an extensive collection that includes beautiful diamonds, fine jewelry rings as well as gold jewelry for all your gift needs. It does not matter if you need to find the perfect engagement ring in our collection of designer jewelry we can help. Come in today to see the great collection of designer  jewelry here at Brundage Jewelers.

Gold jewelry, as well as platinum jewelry for that matter, is something you should be impressed. You need to truly like the designer jewelry you select. Jewelry is something that can last generations after all. One reason people are unsatisfied with their jewelry selections is because the chain box stores will use extremely bright lights and other methods to trick you into thinking you have the best jewelry selection you can find. Here at Brundage Jewelers, we will not try to trick you into purchasing some lackluster jewelry; instead, we understand that our jewelry selection is stellar and do not need extra lights for you to find your perfect fine jewelry.

Drop in today to find the designer jewelry you desire here at Brundage Jewelers.  Visit us at our studio: 141  Chenoweth Lane, Louisville, KY Check this out

Chandlee Jewelers | Custom Jewelry | Athens GA

When you look for designer jewelry, you need to shop at a custom jewelry store you can trust—Chandlee Jewelers. We are the premier unique jewelry location in Georgia. It does not matter whether you wish to start your own handmade jewelry design or you want to peruse our custom designed jewelry, your search will end here. Stop by to visit the spot for all your custom jewelry needs.

You can find us in Oconee County at the end of Hwy 316 where we provide the best service on designer jewelry in the Athens Loop, in the same shopping center with Trader Joes, Harbor Freight Tools, Five Guys Burgers, and Davids Bridal  Center. We will show you our in house jewelry studio that fuses new world technology with old world artisan skill.

We have helped the greater Athens area procure all their custom designed jewelry needs for over the last thirty  years. We make our staff focus on staying current in the jewelry industry through training courses and conferences. With this knowledge, we are able to better assist your jewelry needs, for we can keep you in vogue. Our gemologists will give you an in person Diamond Lesson that will reveal with more than the 4 Cs how diamonds are appraised and priced. This newfound knowledge will assist you in your designer jewelry search because all jewelry starts with the stones. Whether it is a new diamond or colored stones, we have the expertise to help you find the gemstone you desire.

Custom designed jewelry does have more time invested into it, but the extra time is worth it in the end. Come in today to get started on your next perfect gift with designer jewelry here at  Chandlee Jewelers, 1850 Epps  Bridge Pkwy, Ste 213, Athens, GA, 30606, Ph 706-543-4653 Check this out.