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A jewelry store is more than just about diamonds, and here at Satow Goldsmiths, you can see what a custom design studio can offer. We have anything you might want to design, whether you want a bridesmaid jewelry store. We have a local jeweler who will help you through every step of the way. Stop in today to see how Satow Goldsmiths will show you all your retail jeweler can help you through.

A local jewelry store will meet your jewelry needs in a way that box stores cannot match. It will not matter if you need a true diamond store experience.  Here at Satow Goldsmiths we can show you the way we have improved a fine jewelry shopping experience. For one, we understand that we must get to know our customers. This way our local jeweler will know your likes and create a piece that will meet your needs by bringing to life your dreams.

Here at Satow Goldsmiths, you can see all that a diamond store can offer here  at 10740
S. Eastern Ave, Suite 110, Henderson, NV, 89052, Ph (702) 837 – 8100. This video is great.

Jeweler Tallahassee FL | The Gem Collection | 850.893.4171

Finding a jeweler is a precarious search because unlike here at The Gem Collection, you never know the professional jeweler when you walk off the street, for it is not difficult to mask jewelry that is of lower quality. Our master jeweler and gemologist will give you a straight approach to your jewelry quest because a premier jeweler must, if anything, have trust with customers.

Stop in to have jewelry appraisals today. A jewelry appraisal will allow you the piece of mind to understand what your jewelry is worth. This information will give you an understanding, so you can fully know how much insurance you should have. An appraisal should also give you a catalogue of your jewelry collection, allowing you to see where you can add a new piece. Beside the heirlooms of your distant family, your new gemstone jewelry will give you the pop of color you lack. Once you fully see your jewelry collection from a third party viewpoint, you will see how an aquamarine will bring the freshness of spring into your jewelry box.

Stop in to visit our talented premier jeweler here at 3501 Thomasville Road, Tallahassee, FL 32309, Ph (850) 893-4171. Click Here.

Chandlee Jewelers | Jewelry Store Athens | 706.543.4653

A retail jewelry store seems like a place where you will only find mass produced jewelry looks that have little artisan touch in them, but that is not the case here at Chandlee Jewelers. We have a local jeweler who can help you with all your jewelry designs as well as your jewelry repairs. As a rings store, Chandlee Jewelers can help you find the jewelry you are looking.

A diamond store will need to specialize in diamond jewelry, and that is the case here at Chandlee Jewelers. We have an experienced gemologist who will help you each step of the way in finding the diamond that will catch your eye. The  brilliance is one of the most important aspects of a diamond because it derives from the cut. The cut of the diamond gives it its shape from the found crystal from the earth. An uncut diamond reveals nothing of its abilities to turn heads and capture hearts, but with the precise, measured cuts from a diamond cutter, the beauty emerges in fiery brilliance. Come into see why Chandlee Jewelers is the diamond store that ends your diamond search.

We are also a bridesmaid store for all your jewelry needs whether it is the actual engagement ring or just some additional looks for your wedding party. Come in today to see how Chandlee Jewelers is your retail jeweler destination here at,  1850 Epps Bridge Pkwy, Ste 213, Athens, GA, 30606, Ph 706-543-4653 Check this out.