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Brundage Jewelers is your bridal jewelry destination. Shopping for wedding jewelry is a stressful undertaking, but have no worries, our experience staff will help you find the rings of your dreams.

Most couples want their wedding to by uniquely theirs, yet they look for their rings in retail stores. You should not settle on an engagement ring. Come in today to choose from our extensive collection that includes simple design choices to elaborate and unique options.

A custom ring is something that is made exclusively for you as an individual instead of duplicated for mass market. You have the ability to include existing stones or aspects of heirloom jewelry that has been in your family for generations. You can also use the existing form of mass marketed jewelry or even just a traditional base. This way you can still have a traditional look, but it will be especially tailored just for you and your love one. You will need be familiar with the structure of a diamond, like carat, color, clarity and cut. This will help you be able to accentuate the stone.

So come by to see our studio for your unique bridal rings today. We are located at 141 Chenoweth Lane, Louisville,  KY.