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Anniversary rings are romantic and an expression of the commitment of your love in Shawnee.

Learn the different types of cuts like princess cuts, emerald cuts, or radiant cuts. Figure out if a custom engagement ring is a better choice and what you can do to inscribe the ring or add hidden surprises in an engagement ring.

Few things in life are created especially for you and you alone.

Your engagement ring is truly one of a kind. Its uniqueness starts with the gem.  Usually a diamond, but that is your choice. The most popular shape is round but that,  too, is up to you. Princess cuts, emerald cuts and radiant cuts are just some of the options if you are looking for a square shape. All the other shapes are possible, too.

You also have your choice of size, of color, of proportions and clarity: Each gem has a unique fingerprint of tiny inclusions that make it unlike any other.

And then there is the ring not only made to fit one finger, yours, but in your choice of metals, whether platinum, 18k or 14k white or yellow gold, palladium, or any combination.

If the ring of your dreams can not be found, you can choose a custom design, created from scratch just for you. If you choose not to buy off the rack, but choose diamond and setting separately and have a one of a kind creation made just for you, it will take a little longer.

But like true love, some things are worth waiting for.