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At K E Butler & Co. Jewelers take pride in the fact that we are a second generation jewelry business since 1955 located in the home to the world-famous VIDALIA onion. Drop by today and we will help you choose the perfect diamond engagement ring. Stop by and see the difference a wedding ring will make as the perfect gift.

Settings play two important roles: to hold the stone in your engagement ring and to enhance the stones presentation in your wedding bands. There is a range of setting types and each type of setting enhances the stone in different ways.

Pave set rings require the most precise selection of diamonds or gemstones. Small holes are drilled in the ring shank to hold tiny diamonds which are placed in rows and fill up the entire space on the surface without actually touching each other. The visual effect created by a carpet of glowing diamond and gemstones on the entire surface of the ring is the sign of a perfectly designed and well made ring.

In a bezel setting the stone is held by a metal rim that encircles the sides of the stone and extends slightly above it. A bezel setting holds the diamond securely, and the low, protective profile it creates makes a bezel set ring a good choice for people with active lifestyles. A bezel setting also protects the edges of the diamond from abrasion.

Stop in today at K E Butler Jewelers and our staff will assist you in choosing the finest setting for your unique diamond engagement ring.

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