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West and Co. Jewelers has the answer for all your engagement rings. Using the designs by David W. Nytch, an award winning designer, master goldsmith and Certified Appraiser with more than thirty years experience, we can meet all your needs. Staffed with such great masters, we can meet all your Bridal jewelry needs.

In addition to the presence of diamonds in your wedding rings, metals used in the ring can also vary depending on your fondness. It may be yellow gold, white gold or platinum. Platinum is more durable and last longer; however, it is more expensive than gold. Knowing about the varying types of metal, you will find the perfect fit for your budget.

Diamond wedding rings are not the only option. If you want a simple solitaire ring with a bezel or prong settings, you can always choose a colorful gemstone rather than a diamond. It could be your favorite color or your birthstone, or even a stone signifying your wedding month. You also can choose a unique shape to the gemstone rather then a round stone. You can choose from a princess, or oval cut, or more unique like a pear cut, marquise cut, or Asscher cut.Semi-precious stones are cheaper than diamonds but they are both elegant and dazzling. But even if you choose a gemstones, do not forget to check the quality of the stone. These simple changes will give you the bridal jewelry you have always dreamed.

Come in and visit a local designer jewelry store and you may well be surprised at how affordable a unique engagement ring truly is.