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Look no further than Susan Eisen Fine Jewelry for your wedding bands. Here you can see how we have gone from a small one person jewelry and art gallery to a major player in the jewelry industry today, over the past 31 years. We continuously follow the pulse of the jewelry industry and will offer you a fair price when buy your anniversary rings.

One of the most important decisions for your wedding is type of bridal bands that you’ll procure. These two rings are very significant in value and symbolism because you will have to wear it everyday for the rest of your lives. Come in today to get started on your bridal jewelry shopping experience.

The perfect engagement ring has some important factors that should be considered. You have to know your budget first then the type of ring that your spouse to be will surely love. And of course, you want your ring to be really exceptional and unique, not just a traditional diamond solitaire engagement ring but a ring that will be as special as your love for her. You will then have the perfect engagement ring.

A unique engagement will revolve around the diamond. There are several cuts and shapes of diamonds in the market today. Surely you’ve already made a glimpse of those diamonds, but how about the oval shape diamonds? Have you seen one of those beautiful and elegant pieces? Indeed they are not as famous as round, marquise and, princess cut but they do offer the same sophistication and exquisiteness as those mentioned shapes.

The way wedding bands look on your individual hand is important. One of the unique characteristic of an oval shape ring is that it makes your finger slender; jewelers called it the slimming effect. It is just an optical illusion; because of the elongated shape of the oval, the finger will also appear to be elongated as well. This way you have the perfect bridal ring.