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Enhancery Jewelers is your engagement ring destination. For the last three decades, Martin and Kathleen White have created Enhancery Jewelers to have a stunning collection of diamond engagement ring. Bringing their travels around the world into their store, the Whites have found beautiful, new and unique wedding band designs. We are a full service jewelry store specializing in bridal rings.

Anniversary Rings
Many people think that wedding jewelry ends with the bridal bands; however, a perfect way to celebrate anniversaries big or small is to use anniversary rings to add something special to celebrate your love. From rings that complement her diamond wedding ring to stand-alone, show-stopping diamond anniversary rings, you will find the right one to surprise your favorite gal. Our amazing, unique anniversary diamond rings are available in a variety of breathtaking styles to suit any taste.

Wedding bands
A show-stopping gold wedding bands will give your engagement ring that beautiful touch. We know how important it is for you to have a gold wedding band that looks good and is designed to last a lifetime. That’s why our white gold as well as our yellow gold wedding bands are handcrafted by our experts, who can make it in a variety of classic and contemporary styles. You should shop for any of our gold bands now.

Researching your rings will give you the best possibly diamond engagement ring possible. Drop by to find the perfect bridal ring here at Enhancery Jewelers.