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Brundage Jewelers is your diamond ring destination. We have a stunning collection of diamonds as well as diamond jewelry. Here at Brundage Jewelers, we can help you create an exquisite diamonds.

Checking your diamond ring is the first step in caring for your diamond. From time to time, see if the diamond is secure in the setting. Make sure there is no wiggle room. Prongs will weaken over time. Furthermore, if the prong breaks, you could lose your diamond. Checking the prongs periodically will allow you to repair a damaged prong. You should also avoid harsh chemicals while wearing your ring.

An additional point to keep your diamond safe in your rings is to remove it occasionally. Because damage can occur when chlorine comes in contact with white gold, if you are going to a spa or swim in a chlorinated pool, it is best to remove your rings first. When preparing for the day, it is best to take off your rings while applying makeup and using hair spray. Lastly, when using cleaning products or gardening, it is safest to remove your rings. And if you need to store your rings for any length of time, each piece should be wrapped separately in velvet, paper, or silk. This will keep your diamonds sparkling like the day you received it.

Always clean your diamonds earrings as well. You can use a commercial jewelry cleaner that will work well. You can also mix your own cleaner by mixing one cup of warm water, one quarter cup of ammonia and one tablespoon of non-abrasive dishwashing detergent. Put your diamond in the mixture for around twenty minutes. Then scrub your ring with a soft bristle brush. Rinse in warm water and then dip in rubbing alcohol and let dry naturally. This will help your diamond have a clear shimmer.

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