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As September arrives with hopes for cooler temperatures, we start visiting jewelry stores for gifts. One easy decision is to give birthstones. For September, the stone is sapphire. Sapphires dazzle with its cool blue hues. Sapphires, though, go well past blue. Some sapphires, referred to as fancy sapphires, are found in pink, purple, orange, yellow, gold and green. These colors will range from light pastels to exciting bright colors. Brundage Jewelers is retail jewelry store with one of the greatest selections of sapphire jewelry in Kentucky.

As you visit diamond stores, keep in mind that sapphires symbolize loyalty and faithfulness, making it the perfect gift to express love.

Besides being the birthstone of September, it is the perfect gift for anniversaries or birthdays. It is also the 5th and 45th wedding anniversaries stone. Due to its rarity, it is a beautiful gift that everyone can cherish. This is why so many retail jewelry stores carry sapphires.

One thing that separates Brundage Jewelry from other jewelry stores is we understand the background of stones. In antiquity, the sapphires were said to protect chastity, avoid capture and make peace between enemies. The stone would also clear the brain and body, cure fevers, colds, eye diseases and ulcers. In addition, they were to represent truth, sincerity and consistency.

Most jewelry stores try to carry more than one type of sapphire. This includes the Pink Sapphires. It, a fancy sapphire, has a range of colors including delicate pink to having a slight tinge of violet. It has amazing luster, and is considered to be one of the most valuable secondary gems.

White Sapphires are near colorless corundum most used a diamond simulate.

Yellow Sapphires have a variety of hues from pale, canary, gold, honey to brownish. The lighter and brighter colors are the best.

We, as a local retail store, know how hard and durable, sapphires can be cleaned using any number of means including ultrasonic cleaning machine, commercial jewelry cleaner or mild soap and water using a soft brush. As with any stone, make sure to dry completely after cleaning with a soft cloth.

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