Burlington VT Custom Jeweler Fremeau Jewelers

Fremeau Jewelers knows what makes a traditional jeweler. With over a hundred and twenty five years experience, we have jewelry designers that can help create your inner desires. Not only do we have retail jewelers that can assist you with all your jewelry needs, we also carry a vast collection of handmade jewelry that will be a perfect gift as well as many different services to compliment your Fremeau experience. Come in today to see what a real goldsmith is like.

Selecting a professional jeweler from whom you will make your purchase is the biggest decision you can make in your jewelry search.  When buying a diamond engagement ring from a local jeweler, you need the assurance that you are receiving quality jewelry and value for your money.  We are the only local jeweler you need. Moreover, the money you spend stays in your community helping the local economy when you make purchases from Fremeau Jewelers.  Our skilled master jewelers assist you in making wise jewelry purchases.

Our jewelry designers will personally inspect and grade each diamond they receive.  They will select only the finest diamonds with the best personalities, the most brilliance and sparkle, the diamonds that will look the best in your jewelry, to show to their customers.  The diamonds that our master jewelers refuse will end up in Internet diamond dealer’s data bases for them to unload on the unknowing public.

Our professional jewelers understand that the security of your jewelry is important to you. This is why we present on-site jewelry repair.  Fremeaus in-store repairs are accomplished by the master jeweler that works in our store.  We hire only the finest jewelers to work on your jewelry in our store.  Our motto is for all customers to receive superior service. If you are purchasing a ring, or having one fixed, your approval is our goal.

At Fremeaus, http://www.Fremeaus.com, our master jewelers will help you find unique jewelry that celebrates you. We are located at 78 Church Street, Burlington VT 05401, 802-658-0333. Check out our video.

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