Buying Gold Enhancery Jewelers San Diego CA

Enhancery Jewelers
4242 Camino Del Rio N. #17
San Diego, CA 92108


For the last 34 years, Martin and Kathleen White have modeled Enhancery Jewelers as your gold buying destination. Bringing their travels around the world into their store, the Whites have found beautiful, new and unique gold designs. One thing the Whites have realized is that there is only so much gold in the world, so they are your gold selling location.

It is never a bad idea to sell gold when it reaches the new high price. With prices never being this high before, can you blame them? It is a good idea to sell any of your unused or broken jewelry, but be sure to avoid some simple mistakes.

Many people go in to a gold buying location without researching the best buyer; instead they go to the first buyer they meet. This is often a mistake. You should ask around to find the perfect offer for you. Be sure the buyer will divulge what they pay. This amount should be fixed to the current price of a troy ounce, and should not float from day to day. You should also understand the market to sell gold.