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The Gem Collection has all your diamond engagement rings. We amassed a selection of gemstones that cannot be beat. Come today to see why we have become Tallahassees best selection of certified diamonds.

You should never just look for a loose diamond with a certificate. A certificate isn’t enough. You need to check the details on the certificate and understand the report. You need to know the 4 Cs. Also, get a certificate from a reliable laboratory such as Gemological Institute of America (GIA). Certain laboratories may even provide a value of the diamond. Be aware this is just an estimated or inflated value. You should also look to get your diamond appraised.

You should always look to buying a diamond. The main pricing of a diamond ring comes from the diamond. Therefore, you  should look at the diamond by itself. You will find that separately the diamond and the setting will be cheaper. You can examine the diamond in its entirety as the setting would hide part of the diamond and perhaps its flaws. Also, a diamond ring may come with a setting you may not like. You can specify a specific setting if you buy a diamond.

You should also determine if your certified diamond is treated. Clarity in the diamond may be improved by filling up the cracks with molten glass. Laser can be used to burn a hole in the diamond to reach black blemishes. The color of a diamond may be also be improved or changed by high pressure-high temperature annealing and irradiation respectively. Ask the jeweler if the diamond has been treated. If it is not, then request for a certification of this fact. If you are on a budget and intent to buy treated diamonds, find out whether the jeweler provide any warrantee for the treated loose diamond.

Stop by today to see the wonderful collection of diamonds here at The Gem Collection.