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Yellow diamonds for much of history considered to be lesser diamonds. Paler yellows, such as canary are not as desirable as their darker counterparts. Intense rich yellows are the most rare and valuable of the fancy yellow diamonds. A quarter carat yellow diamond could be price upwards of ten thousand dollars, depending on clarity and cut. Several 6 carat fancy yellow diamonds have been priced as much as fifty seven thousand dollars per carat,  recently.

The color of a yellow diamonds occurs due to the impurities trapped inside the  diamond during creation. It only takes nitrogen atoms to replace the carbon  ones, and the structure of the diamond will stay intact. However, the clarity  and color will change.

Color is a specific reflected wavelength in the light spectrum. It is that the  object will absorb all the color wavelength except the color it is. Take a look at a yellow flower. The flower absorbs all the color wavelengths, except yellow, so a blue shirt is unable to absorb the blue wavelengths.

Yellow diamonds are becoming increasingly popular. The former Red Sox star,  Johnny Damon, dazzled everyone with the yellow diamond engagement ring he gave Michelle Mangan.

The biggest draw back is the rarity of yellow diamonds. They are only 1/10 of 1  percent of all diamonds mined. It is wonderful that lab created yellow diamonds are common and much more affordable. They even have the same beauty.

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