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When looking for diamonds to fill your Christmas gifts, you need to stop by the premier jewelry store in Georgia—Chandlee Jewelers. No matter if you want your diamonds loose to begin creating handmade jewelry or you wish to view our extensive collection of gold jewelry. Stop in today to see a selection of fine jewelry in your favorite local jewelry store.

For the last thirty years, we have served the Athens area with an extensive collection of gold jewelry. Our jewelry stands apart from the expertise our gemologists provide. Our diamonds for our engagement rings and other gold jewelry derive from around the world. We also are able to specialize in our diamond knowledge because of the emphasis we have on training. We also expect our staff to stay current by earning certificates, attending training courses and staying current of the jewelry industry. Our diamonds and diamond jewelry can be better understood through our Diamond Lesson, which is given by our talented gemologist. In this short course, you will learn the factors that price and judge diamonds. You should be able to see through the cheap sales pitches and lesser quality diamonds at other jewelry stores.

When buying a diamond, no matter if it is for the perfect Christmas gift or as a diamond engagement ring, you must set your budget. It is the most important aspect because you do not want to find a beautiful diamond you cannot afford. The carat weight and clarity as well as cut and color will determine the price and what diamond you should see.

One secret is to prioritize your 4 Cs as such: cut, color and carat over clarity. The clarity of the diamond refers to the imperfections in the stone, which maybe too small to see or these imperfections can be hidden. The most important, though, is the cut because cut determines the brilliance of a diamond.

Like with handmade jewelry, you should shop for diamonds with your loved one in mind. What is their personality like? How will they wear the diamond? Occasionally? Will it become a staple in their accessories? These questions can help you narrow down the massive selection of diamonds here at Chandlee.

Use a local jeweler that you can trust because there are some jewelers who take short cuts. You should avoid jewelry stores with quartz or halogen lighting. These lights will make any stone sparkle and radiate quality, even if the stone is cheap. Some other places will pressure you into purchasing a diamond. Chandlees Jewelers will let you shop in a relaxed atmosphere.

Shopping at Chandlee Jewelers will give you the confidence that you will find that perfect diamond today. You can peruse the store at your pace, so when you find that perfect Christmas gift you can know it is the right one.

No time is better than the holiday season to find a perfect diamond engagement ring. Stop by today to see our stunning collection of gold jewelry here at

Come see our selection of engagement rings here at Chandlee Jewelers, 1850 Epps Bridge Pkwy, Ste 213, Athens, GA, 30606, Ph 706-543-4653 Check this out.

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