Colored Stones Yellow Emerald

All Yellow Emerald gemstones are natural and certified. Currently, our gemstone rins are only found in one mine in one mountain in Brazil. The color is very unusual and changes in different lighting environments. We are currently searching for other deposits when we find indicator minerals present.

As the perfect colored stone for gemstone earrings, most green emeralds have many inclusions which cause durability issues. Yellow Emerald™ gemstones have very few (if any) inclusions and is 7.5-8.0 on the moh’s scale. The presence of the iron in the gemstone also gives it more strength. Even if a jeweler breaks or chips the Yellow Emerald trying to set it for a customer, we replace it at NO CHARGE. No other company offers this type of guarantee on certified gemstones or diamonds.

Gemstones get their hues from different minerals. Green emeralds are green because of chromium in the ground. Yellow Emerald™ gemstones also have traces of chromium which makes the greenish cast, but the iron in the ground has taken over the green color and will never change or fade.