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Custom Made Jewelry can be a difficult proposition because you need a jewelry store with the expertise to assist with the custom designed jewelry of your dreams. When you come into our jewelry studio here in Louisville you will see some amazing handmade jewelry. The best custom made jewelry in Louisville is only a short way away here at your local jewelry store. See what custom designer jewelry is all about. Wait no longer and come see the finest designer jewelry at Brundage Jewelers here in Louisville KY.

Custom made jewelry is not a difficult process once you come in our artisan studio. The entire process is an easy step by step situation that will begin with your initial consultation. Once you come in to meet with our talented staff, you will give your thoughts and even a picture of what you want. Our Master Jeweler will transform this beginning process into a rendering that will set the foundation for what your amazing look will derive. After you see the rendering (our staff will meet with you every step of the way), your look will start with the fine metal you have selected. It does not matter if you want the sleek look of platinum or you want yellow or white gold. You can add in the fantastic gemstones to create the look of your dreams. You can add some fiery reds of rubies or the cool blue of sapphires. Then, you can add the timeless beauty of diamonds to finish your one of a kind look.

Stop by to see the perfect handmade jewelry in Louisville here at: 141 Chenoweth Lane, Louisville, KY.

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