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JewelSmiths has professional jewelers you can trust. Because jewelry is a reflection of your unique style, taste and personality, it makes perfect sense to create your own. Our expert designers here at JewelSmiths can work with virtually any idea to create breathtaking, artistic, beautiful pieces that set you apart from any custom designer collection. Come by today to see the difference working with a custom jeweler makes.

Our jewelers can handle all types of jewelry including fine, delicate or costume items. Our craftspeople are trained to evaluate, prepare and repair jewelry that requires special attention. We have the expertise and knowledge that separates our master jewelers from the rest.

Our master jewelers know the value of preventative care. Therefore, our professional jewelers have prepared these cleaning tips to keep your jewelry looking new:

The simplest trick our jewelers know is that a toothbrush is the easiest and oldest cleaning tricks in the book. Make sure that you use an old, soft bristle brush, because the hard bristle can loosen gemstones from their settings. Lightly brush at hard to reach areas with the brush while frequently applying cleaning solution. Never use the brush to remove caked on dirt or grime because sometimes the dirt is holding the gemstone into place, especially if theĀ  setting is worn or weak. Old toothbrushes are also great for cleaning watchbands, but remember to stay away from the watch case/movement, as it will develop rust – a killer of quartz or mechanical movements.

A jeweler will also avoid cleaning damaged, abrasive, cracked or broken jewelry. As with any other item broken our badly scratched items can exacerbate or worsen the problem. Also, if you see that your items are damaged while you are wearing them it only makes sense to remove and have them looked at. You know the old saying, ” an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

Stop by today to have your jeweler checked by a professional jeweler today here at JewelSmiths.