Custom Made Jewelry Brundage Jewelers Louisville KY 40207

Brundage Jewelers
141 Chenoweth Lane
Louisville, KY  40207

Ph 502-895-7717

Brundage Jewelers is the leader of designer jewelry. Our excellent selection of jewelry will meet any of your jewelry needs.  With our excellent staff, we can even create custom made jewelry for you if you cannot find that perfect piece.

If you are looking for that perfect one of kind piece, unique jewelry is the answer for the endless mass produced copies. Our skilled jewelers will attend to all your needs and will make sure you leave with the perfect piece. We will pay attention to every detail and will finish the production by hand. Our process is time consuming, yet that is way to make flawless jewelry. We will not compromise when trying to create the perfect designer jewelry.

Mass marketed jewelry designs do not pay attention to the durability. We will create something that will meet your impeccable standards and will last. Our jewelers create custom made jewelry that will last a lifetime.