Custom Made Jewelry Fremeau Jewelers Burlington Vermont 05401

Fremeau Jewelers

78 Church Street

Burlington VT 05401


Freemeau Jewelers is the custom designed jeweler location in Vermont. Our vision of how you should be taken care of has not changed since our founding in 1840. Here at Fremeau Jewelers, we know what it takes for lasting customer service, so come by to see our handmade jeweler today.

Jewelry styles do last. Therefore, we are able to alter anything for custom jewelry. Sometimes people end up with a ring that does not make them happy because of the current look of jewelry. This is where custom design will achieve all you have been wanting. It allows you the ability to have the ring of your dreams. Bring your ring in, and we can begin creating you jewelry that meets your inner dreams. We can even fuse handmade jewelry with a family heirloom. Our goldsmiths can tackle any job, whether it is a custom design job or a difficult repair work.

Stop in to day to begin the easy process of custom created jewelry at Fremeau Jewelers.