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Brundage Jewelers
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Louisville, KY   40207

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Brundage Jewelers has an extensive collection of fine jewelry for your perusal. We even carry a great selection of diamond and platinum jewelry. We are your designer jewelry destination.

Colored gemstones mimic a floral arrangement in every tone, saturation and hue. These beautiful stones naturally evolved into the exquisite creations you see today.

Instead of just enhancing the colors of your wardrobe, you can match the colors of your clothes with Sapphires, Emeralds, Amethysts or Iolites and complementary Pearls and Moonstones. Spice up your look with the contrasting mix of Sapphire earrings with your bright red suite or your Citrine ring with
your green dress.

Do not limit your color palette to only your clothes. You can complement your skin tone or your hair and eye colors with your gemstones. You will draw out your baby blue eyes with earrings set with Aquamarines or blue Topaz. The richness of brunette hair will shimmer with yellow Sapphires,
Rodolite Garnets or Citrines.

When you have a solid foundation on your gemstone collection, you can start to stray outside your comfort zones by matching and contrasting your existing colored stones. You will be the envy of all with an investment that will last generations with your fine jewelry collection.

Stop by Brundage Jewelers today to start your colored jewelry collection.