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Brundage Jewelers has an extensive fine diamond jewelry collection. Our stunning selection of beautiful jewelry will have you visiting us for all your jewelry needs. We want to build a lasting relationship through mutual trust and understanding. Here at Brundage Jewelers, we also know that you will look for designer jewelry as well.

The Characteristics of Gold
Your beautiful gold jewelry has a few characteristics that by understanding you will know how to purchase it in the future.Gold combines four basic characteristics that make it a universally treasured possession:

Beauty—Gold has a natural color that we can further enhanced by alloying it with small amounts of other metals, yielding a spectrum of exquisite, subtle shades. Metalsmiths are able to create yellow, rose, green and white golds by adjusting the alloys.

Purity  There has been around 100,000 tons of gold have been removed from the earth during recorded history. And although gold can be found in rivers, seas and land in many parts of the earth, it is not easily extracted. Opening a mine is a time-consuming and costly operation, and several tons of ore are required in order to produce just one ounce of the precious metal.

Durability  Look no further than the nearest museum, where gold jewelry, coins and artifacts from ancient civilizations attest to the metal’s enduring beauty and permanence.

Workability  Jewelers throughout the ages have preferred gold to all other metals for its beauty and ease of workmanship. Gold can be melted, or shaped, to create any design. It can be alloyed with a number of other metals to increase its strength and produce a variety of colors and can be re-melted and used again to create new designs.

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