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Susan Eisen continues to be our driving force, helping keep us your platinum jewelry destination. Whether it is fine diamond jewelry or even designer platinum jewelry, we have an extensive array to choose. Susan Eisen Fine Jewelry has all your jewelry needs.

If you decide upon the traditional solitaire ring with a bezel or prong setting, you can select a colorful gemstone instead of a diamond. You could choose your favorite color or birthstone, and even the stone of your wedding month could be the one. You can also find a gemstone with a  unique shape like a pear, marquise or Asscher cut. If you are wanting something more classic, you can find a princess or oval cut. Semi-precious stones are cheaper than diamonds, but they are as elegant and dazzling. You must check the quality of the stone, especially if you select a gemstone.

You should select a metal that fits your comfort level. It can range from yellow or white gold as well as platinum. Platinum is the most durable choice, but it is more expensive than gold.

An additional option is an antique engagement ring. This route will give you a unique ring with lasting quality. There are beautiful styles that have lasted the test of time from Victorian, Edwardian and even Art Deco eras. You will need to examine the rings for cracks and scrapes since they have been around for so long.

Another unique ring is a Celtic ring. The intricacy and symbolism of the design will hold your adoration. These rings are simply beautiful with or without stones.

Finding a unique engagement ring is worth the trouble. It only takes some understanding of what you want and a little extra time to find it.

Here at Susan Eisen Fine Jewelry, we follow the artist vision of our founder Susan Eisen. Come by today and make us your fine jewelry store.