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JewelSmiths is your unique jewelry destination. Because jewelry is a reflection of your unique style, taste and personality, it makes perfect sense to create your own. Our expert designers here at JewelSmiths can work with virtually any idea to create breathtaking, artistic, beautiful pieces that set you apart from any custom designer collection. Stop by today to see how designer jewelry can meet your desires.

Designing a designer jewelry can seem daunting. However, our experienced staff we will simplify the entire process. Before you begin creating custom design jewelry, there are plenty of places to go. It is best to look for ideas through jewelry or fashion magazines, different jewelry stores, internet jewelry sites or any other avenue  that can offer up ideas. Your ideas start from something already imbedded in your mind. But in reality, you will find your idea in a collection of experiences. Try to bring in your favorite sights, sounds and colors to create a wonderful design.

The first decision, of custom made jewelry is the center of attraction, your stone. It does not matter whether you select a diamond or a color gemstone, you want it be something you love.

Only use one center gemstone at a time.  Otherwise, the design will become too busy and will lose its purpose. Same size center stones will not compliment each other, but rather they will cause the ring to have difficulty to establish balance. Select the stone that will bring out brilliance as well as balance, and it will. Our spectacular staff will help assist you one step along the way of your handmade jewelry.

For that perfect custom jewelry, a mounting will need to take on the shape of your center stone and your creative tastes. Look for shapes that fit with your center stone, setting your stone either in the center or off center of the mounting. Remember that center stones do not have to fit exactly in the center of a mounting to work.  Off center balancing is done all the time with great results, just look at pieces in magazines or books. If your mounting fits both those categories you will have a great design.