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Satow Goldsmiths has the best selection of designer jewelry around. Our extensive collection of designer jewelry from gold rings to platinum pieces will meet any desires. In addition to our exceptional selection of jewelry, we have master jewelers who have the knowledge and understand for all your jewelry needs. Come by today to see our stunning selection of gold jewelry.

Fine diamond jewelry has a mythic quality surround it. One reason is the De Beers advertising over the last century has established a “tradition” that a woman should receive a diamond ring as an engagement symbol. De Beers have extended the diamond engagement ring “tradition”, by brainwashing us to believe that a diamond eternity ring should also be a tradition on the first wedding anniversary, or the birth of a first child.

No matter your reasons for searching for platinum jewelry, a diamond can represent one of life’s deepest emotional investments. It may eventually be passed down to your children and your grandchildren, not because of what it originally cost but because of what it means.

Drop in to view our stunning collection of fine designer jewelry here at Satow Goldsmiths today!