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Brundage Jewelers has the diamond earrings of your dreams. Come in today to see why our stunning selection of certified diamonds makes us a leading jewelry store in  Louisville.

To carry a large collection of loose diamonds, a store must have a connections to talented diamond cutters. We have access to some of the leading diamond cutters in the world. When cutting a diamond these cutters must decide how to cut the rough stone. Besides going with the popular round brilliant cut, a cutter will have to decide between cutting a marquise or to cut it down into smaller stones. The issue with this is that smaller diamonds are as valuable as a larger one. Take a one carat traditional cut diamond, which is about six hundred, but if you have a carat worth of small diamonds, it will only cost you $450. Our diamonds will vary greatly depending on the cut and weight of the diamond.

A marquise diamond earrings will suit some long fingers admirably. It is unique, and sometimes different is good. You should come in today and our staff will fit you in beautiful marquise diamond engagement rings for less than a round cut of equal size.

Stop in to see our elegant marquise diamond jewelry at our 141 Chenoweth Lane, Louisville, KY location.