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Brundage Jewelers carries all types of diamond jewelry. You can chose from our extensive collection of finished diamond jewelry or you can select from our loose diamonds to create your own piece.

All diamond types have a different formula. Fancy shapes, such as marquise, princess and emerald, differ from a round cut. The cut can determine the value of the diamond by a third. Therefore, it is important to see if the cut is for the better  brilliance or it made to have a higher carat weight. When considering that  there are four main characteristics to rating a diamond, the cut is a big part.

Cutting a diamond takes several steps. The first is marking the diamond.  The stone will be marked then it is sawed or cleaved, splitting the diamond  with the grain. Cutting is a slow process, usually it goes one millimeter at a  time. Some of the most famous diamonds in the world took more than two years to  cut. After the sawing or cleaving, the cutter will use rounding or bruiting.  The final step will be to polish the diamond.

Brundage Jewelers is your diamond location. Stop by today to meet with one of our skilled gemologists, so you can find the diamond of your dreams.