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Chandlee Jewelers is your certified diamond location. We have an extensive collection of diamonds. Whether you are looking for loose diamonds or the finest diamond rings, we have something for you.

If you are searching for designer diamond jewelry or an engagement ring, there are many ways to make a diamond appear bigger. A diamond’s setting, cut and shape all influence the apparent size. Here are two approaches to help select a diamond that will look much larger than its true carat weight.

1. Choose a Ring with Side Stones
Side stones, especially small diamonds, will give the ring an improved brilliance. It won’t necessarily make the center stone seem larger, but the higher brilliance will lessen the need for such a larger center stone. Definitely consider a ring with diamond side stones.

2. Shallow cut diamonds look larger, but with a penalty
Shallow cut diamonds appear larger than the same size stone with a traditional proportional cut, but in gaining size brilliance is lost. Light travels through a shallow cut goes out the back instead of refracting back into your vision.

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