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Ells Jewelry continue to be your diamond ring location by keeping our legacy of integrity and trust first. We have kept our small town feel and have focused on keeping our customers first. We fused our personalized service with our state of the art designs. We continues to grow with our community to become a leading diamond retailer.

Fancy colored diamonds are available in any color, but the most common are pink, yellow, green, brown, red, orange and blue. The more intense the color the rarer the stone is. These rich colorful stones can fetch more than a colorless counterpart.

Fancy colored diamonds will be graded in two ways. The first way is the basic hue, or color like pink, green, blue, etc. The second is intensity. Both color characteristics will result in the worth of the fancy diamond. A grade of Z+ is used in the grading. Even though a diamond might have the same size, shape and clarity, the color will determine the value. A light pink diamond will cost less than a vivid pink one. Because natural occurring colored diamonds are extremely rare, a lab create one is quite available.

This lab process will permanently create a fancy colored diamond from a nature colorless diamond. Treatments have also been created to make lower color white diamonds whiter. Irradiation colored diamonds will have less value than a natural fancy diamond. They can also be detected by a gem laboratory.

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