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Berrys Jewelers had an extensive selection of wedding bands. We have an extensive selection of jewelry, including engagement rings, wedding bands as well as anniversary rings. We have pride in our commitment to our clients. Therefore, we continue our tradition of integrity, so come in today to see our collection of unique engagement rings.

Everyone looks for wedding bands that will set them apart from the crowd. It will also express that perfect love one has for their partner.

Most couples go to the store with a budget in mind to select their bridal jewelry accordingly. Previously, the main way to decide this amount was two months salary. However, this is a good guideline, but it is not necessary for you.

It is good, when deciding on a unique engagement ring, to purchase your diamond and setting separate. This way you can be sure your diamond is of the highest quality you’re your selecting is perfect for you.

When searching for that perfect diamond engagement ring, you should start with the setting. This way you will know what type of diamond you should buy. There are plenty of settings, including traditional Classic Solitaire, Setting with Sidestones, Pave setting, Tension setting, Three Stone setting to designer jewelry settings, your choice is only limited by your budget, tastes, and imagination. You can also customize and build your own Three Stone Ring. Today’s jewelry designers, including Danhov, and Popov have created engagement ring masterpieces worth considering.

When at Berrys Jeweler, you can get the perfect setting and a beautiful certified diamond.