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Donnys Diamond Gallery focuses on wedding bands. We can meet any of your wedding needs. In addition to our impressive collection of jewelry that includes gold and platinum jewelry, our master jewelers will help you create a piece that will bring to life your dreams. We can help you will all your wedding needs even if you are looking to celebrate your big day with an wedding ring.

Are you tired of off-the-rack engagement ring designs? Couples choose engagement rings to symbolize their relationship and innovative couples seek different alternatives from the usual ring designs. From simple design choices to elaborate and unique options, there are many ways to customize a unique wedding ring.

Basically a custom wedding ring is something that is made exclusively for an individual rather than duplicated for a mass market. It is possible to build an engagement ring from scratch or couples can take a mass market ring and add embellishments, enhancers or other intricate details to create a custom ring from a traditional base. Couples should however study the basics of different metals, settings and diamond quality before creating bridal bands.

You must also have clear understanding of the properties of the diamond like carat weight, color, clarity and cut, so you can be familiar with the structure of in your diamond engagement ring. Also this would help to better accentuate the stone. Similarly if the couples intend to use a different gem, they should know all about its characteristics. Couple can set off to create their own custom engagement ring one they become familiar with the ingredients that constitutes quality bridal jewelry.