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Your engagement jewelry destination is The Gem Collection. Our experienced staff will help you find any of your bridal needs. We have an extensive collection of bridal  sets, including diamond engagement rings as well as anniversary rings, that range from traditional to Antique or even Estate rings. Come by today to find any of your bridal needs.

There are three other aspects you should consider that will affect the grade, thus the price of a diamond. These include Clarity, Cut and Color.

A grading report will determine the quality of the diamond. This will influence the price.

The two most trusted reports come from the Gemological Institute of American (GIA) and the American Gem Society Lab (ABSL). Both are widely regarded and  recognized throughout the world.

By looking at grading reports, you will have the ability to judge the value of  a diamond better. You then will be able to find the perfect diamond for your engagement ring.

After you have decided on a carat size, you can begin looking at mountings. The  mounting will hold the diamond she desires.

Stop by to see how we here at the Gem Collection can help you start your unique  engagement ring selection today.