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Chandlee Jewelers is your exquisite bridal jewelry destination. We understand how exciting but stressful searching for a fabulous engagement ring can be, so come into the store with superb diamond wedding ring that you can trust. We have extensive collections of Diamond Engagement Rings, Diamond Wedding Bands, and Bridal Jewelry. Don’t forget to check out our best Anniversary Rings for those who want to reaffirm their unyielding love. We hope to see you today!

Come in today to search for fabulous engagement rings in Athens GA. We have an amazing selection of stunning wedding rings and we can even help you custom make a piece to express your love. Chandlee Jewelers will help you search for the perfect ring because we understand that an engagement ring is a manifestation of your love.

Engagement Ring Overview

Fabulous engagement rings are a declaration of love that has no comparison. We, here at Chandlee Jewelers, will guide you through our extensive engagement collections in a stress free environment.

The Tradition

Engagement rings signify the person wearing it is in love. This tradition extends back thousands of years to ancient Egyptians, who starting wearing it on the fourth finger, making it the ring finger, because it was thought that finger has a vein that flows directly to the heart. This tradition fused with the Romans belief of forging the engagement ring out of steal to represent strength of the relationship and the eternal bond that will begin.

Currently, engagement rings represent much of the traditional symbolism: love, commitment and an approaching wedding. Women primarily wear them, but in many places men will wear an understated version of a female ring. No matter who wears the engagement ring, its presences symbolizes the eternal love of that couple.

Diamond: The Official Gemstone For Engagement Rings

Diamonds are the strongest gemstone, and from such a solid foundation, engagement rings are created. The purity a diamond suggests, connects it seamlessly with the pure love of newly engaged couple. The diamond will stand against all time much like the undying love of a couple and shine its translucent sparkle like a beacon during stormy weather. A diamond symbolizes what an engagement ring should be.

When beginning your diamond engagement ring search in Athens GA, always remember the 4 Cs of diamond rating to help increase your purchasing power. Diamonds are graded by color, clarity, cut and carat; these four Cs will help to calculate the price of diamond. Knowing these will help you to compare diamonds as well as to purchase a diamond with the quality you desire.

Drop in today to see the end to all your searching for a diamond engagement ring in Athens GA!

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