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Brundage Jewelers has a wonderful selection of diamond engagement rings. We have a stunning collection of diamonds as well as diamond jewelry. Here at Brundage Jewelers, we can help you create fine diamond jewelry.

To build the perfect diamond engagement ring, you need to start with selecting the best diamond available. We have a wonderful staff of Graduate Gemologist to assist in your diamond viewing. One of our Certified Master Bench Jewelers can start the sketching of what the ring will look like. You can customize your ring into an heirloom that will lasts generations. You will select from 14 and 18 karat yellow or white gold as well as platinum. When the ring is finished, we can a hand engraved message that will speak for the diamond ring for years to come.

Diamonds may be a best friend of women. The jewelry box is something that is used for most pieces of jewelry, but there are some pieces that will never see the jewelry box—wedding and engagement rings. The reason for this is that they are the most important pieces. It therefore stands to reason that taking care of them is of the utmost importance. Thus, take some simple steps to keep your unique diamond ring looking as perfect as the day it was given to you.