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Come by to see our diamond rings here at Brundage Jewelers. Finding the perfect jewelry should begin with loose diamonds. Here at Brundage Jewelers, we have certified diamonds that will solve all your needs. Drop by to see how diamond rings can complete your search for fine jewelry.

It lends itself to wonderful settings and suits some long fingers admirably to show off the diamond jewelry. It is different and we all don’t want to wear what our neighbor is wearing. If you like it, and I just love it, then you are going to be exceptionally happy to get a higher quality diamond for 10-20% less than you are likely to pay for a round cut.

It is one of those diamond earring shapes that are just ideal. Just today, I was handed a lovely marquise to design and make into earring. The husband who gave me the ring wants it made so that it goes across the finger. I first asked him how big his wife was. As he didn’t know her ring size I wanted to form a picture of her in order to make up my mind what might suit her. Tall lady with long fingers then there is no decision to be made up and down the finger will look lovely.

It turns out that she is tiny with small fingers, and he subtly indicates that she was thinner once a long time ago. I make up my mind that it should be set almost diagonally to be made into diamond ring.

Don’t dismiss the lovely, elegant marquise cut because of the bow tie, or the fact that it is easily broken. If set well and looked after, it will make a stunning piece of diamond earring!