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At K E Butler & Co. Jewelers know loose diamonds. Having been in the family for two generations, we know the importance of diamonds rings. Come in today and we will help you choose the perfect diamond certified.

Across time and cultures, diamonds are a consistent expression of luxury. Each diamonds symbolize wealth, durability, and status. Conversely, they have the rich history of being associated with invulnerability, lightning, magic, healing, protection, and poisoning. In unraveling the history and associations of diamonds, we need to look through time and at their very origins to gain a historical perspective of their tremendous value.

Beautiful diamond rings first began to appear in European regalia and jewelry in the 13th century. By the 16th century the diamonds become larger and more prominent, as a result of the development of diamond faceting – a technique that enhances the diamonds brilliance.

By the 17th Century, loose diamonds dominated the small jewels and large ones became adornments by the 18th century.

Kings rule – Saint Louis Act (Louis IX of France, 1214-70) created a sumptuary law saving diamond jewelry only for the king. This reiterates the rarity of diamonds and the value conferred upon them.

Over the next century diamond rings appeared in the royal court, then among the greater European aristocracy, with the wealthy merchant class showing the occasional diamond by the 17th century.