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Your diamond destination is Berrys Jewelers. Buying diamonds is a daunting task, and our excellent staff will assist you in all your diamond needs. Come by to see our selection of mounted and loose diamonds.

Looking for the perfect certified diamond is stressing to say the least. The experienced staff here at Berrys Jewelers has the knowledge to help you  through the entire process. We know the first step in purchasing a new diamond is understanding the method to compare diamonds. One such method is knowing about the cut of a diamond.

Every type of diamond cut has a different formula. The cuts vary and include the fancy shapes like marquise, princess and emerald. Because a diamond is cut to achieve the best sparkle and beauty, it is an integral aspect of the diamonds price. The cut can affect the price by a third. If you consider that the cut is one of four characteristics of diamond rating, it has a greater role than others.

Humans have cut diamonds since antiquity. The finished diamond takes multiple steps for a perfect result. The stone is first marked and then sawed or cleaved, splitting the stone with the grain of the crystal, whereas sawing is splitting the crystal against the grain. Cutting is a slow process; in the case of some of the largest diamonds in the world, it can take years! After the cutting/cleaving is finished, the cutter uses bruting or rounding. Once the rounding is complete, it is time to polish the diamond for the finishing touch.

Come by Berrys Jewelers today to see our extensive collection of loose diamonds and diamond jewelry including diamond bracelets, rings and necklaces. Our knowledgeable staff will help you find the diamond of your  dreams.