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Diamond earrings with a marquise cut, sometimes known as a navette cut, are not worth as much as  a round when weighing the same. The reason for this lack in price stems from the lesser brilliance of a marquise cut. This lack of brilliance is due to the elongated or stretched look of the stone. The cut was originally designed for Louis XIV. The elongated cut gives an effect known as the bow tie effect occurs. This is a dark area in the centre which resembles a black bow tie. It will almost always be there and is a negative quality which is worse sometimes than other times. You might not have noticed before but you will now. It happens in pear and tear drop shapes as well. This is why the traditional round cut is highest priced loose diamond.

Even though the Marquise cut is often in a proportion of 1:2 or the length is twice as long as the width.  Sometimes, a cutter will have a long diamond that will be worth more in a marquise cut than two smaller round cuts. It is not the cut that the diamond cutter wants to make, and it is harder to cut and even worse the pointed ends are more easily broken, it nevertheless may end up being the most profitable. This cut will look amazing in diamond jewelry.